Come in un quadro

Un trench che ricorda un quadro va messo in una cornice particolare, quella di un microscopico paese che si chiama San Michele in Teverina in provincia di Viterbo. Assieme a me nella fuga da Roma, la mia inseparabile borsa V°73! Buongiorno (s) fashion lettori come state? Vi ricordate questo trench di Ivo Nikkoli che ho […]

LIST Fashion Travel: il piumino da 100 grammi

Yo brothers and sisters, here I am to wear the a LIST Fashion Travel down jacket: 100 grams of Italian quality for only 49 euro. But this jacket in reality was a challenge for me,  since I do not wear down jackets.  Finally, after a thorough meditation, I had the lighting: I  paired it with a LIST floral […]

Jumping on my golden pumps

On this blog you will start seing , from time to time, pictures that i would say a bit more’alternative.I  am sick of posing, it’s not that I look more beautiful when I pose.Then, aided by the fact that Gian Marco Sanna is an excellent photographer, I decided to do some experiments and then in this […]

List little black dress: part 1

This little black dress belongs to the List autumn /winter 2013 collection, and today I am showing you a first combination with golden details and leopard prints. Shortly, you will see it in another version, more sober but always mixed with a touch of madness that belongs to me.I still think that this is one […]

I am definitely NOT a fashion blogger

What happens if the NON fashion blogger forgets thet Nikon battery at the Hotel? It happens that poor hubby is obliged to take pictures with the IPad….how dumb am I? Cosa succede se la NON fashion blogger si dimentica la batteria della Nikon in albergo? Succede che le foto si fanno con l’IPad…..che stordita che […]

The white vest

On a cooler day (frequent in this period) I decided to wear this Engine white vest !In case it was not clear enough I am in a long jackets, shirts or tops mood, as they always makes me feel more self confident!Women…… we are all like this! E’ bastata una giornata un po’ più fresca (frequente di […]