Bell sleeve sweater

maglia con maniche a campana

Are you done with festivities binge eating? Because I have to show you my new boho chic style bell sleeve sweater! I chose it in white and with overlapping flounced sleeves and if you think it is difficult to put under a coat you are wrong. It is super soft and slips easily under any […]

Fashion after 40

moda a 40 anni

I would define fashion after 40 as conscious. Because it’s only after you’ve really tried them all that you know what you can wear and what you can’t. Precisely this today I decided to explain why I adopted the boho chic and often boho rock style! Some time ago, fashion after 40 would have been […]

Boho chic skirt, why buy it now

gonna boho chic

I give you an idea on what to buy in the last days of sales: a boho chic skirt. Do you think it is too summer-ish? You are wrong, it is also perfect for winter and now I’ll explain why. Here we are, fall is coming. The days are getting shorter and the sales are […]

White lace maxidress

maxidress in pizzo bianco

Among the roofs of Skiathos with a white lace maxidress. This is the view that can be enjoyed from the terrace of our house, Villa Lalio, located just above the old port and as accessible as a medieval fortress! Good morning from Skiathos and from the terrace of Villa Lalio, the house we rented for […]

White maxi dress in boho chic style

vestito bianco lungo

An off the shoulder white maxi dress in pure boho chic style, I’ve been looking for it for a long time and finally I found it …. size 46! Here is the story of an impulsive but successful purchase! I wanted an off the shoulder white maxi dress in perfect boho chic style but I […]