Electric blue clutch

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I am so in love with this Zara electric blue clutch! I adore its color and the stones on it! It has a downside though…. my ipad doesn’t fit in….sigh… Anyway, I love it and I have decided to stile it a yellow blazer and my YSL Tribtoo […]

Yellow metal toe pumps

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! First outfit with these Zara metal toe pumps. Yellow is definitely not my color, but I don’t care! I like this delicate pastel shade and I want to wear it regardless my hair color! Is that a  fashion crime?     Primo look con queste scarpe con punta in […]

H&M electric blue lace top

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I have bought this electric blue lace top with the specific intent of  pairing it with the YSL Tribtoo pumps. This outfit also gave me the chance to use this Zara ethnic print sequin clutch that I won from Le chicche di Paola some time ago! Questo top in […]

Metal toe pumps

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Do you  like these shoes? I do but…don’t buy them! I have got them from nelly.com and they are veeeeery cheap, so cheap that the quality is really left behind. I could barely walk with them for more that 10 minutes. Fact is that in a compulsive shopping act, […]

Zara studded collar shirt

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Yes I am back to my renouned balcony, I hope you will be glad about it! I just didn’t have to much time to find a decent location before going out and since it appears that no plants are going to die shortly, I have decided that this place […]

Romantic and rock

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! So, here is the outfit that combines my new AX Paris chiffon dress and the Proenza Shouler neon coral bag. It has sort of a romantic flavor but….it couldn’t be me without spicing up this outfit a little bit with the addition of the Lorissa spiked pumps! What […]

How to wear pastels: pink and white

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! To tell you the truth, I started with the shoes then I built up the whole outfit. This is how it came out: The Mary Janes are from Sheinside! Thanks Alice of Appunti di Moda for these pictures. Questo look è stato costruito direttamente in base alla scarpe […]

siste’s electric blue satchel

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I was looking for an electric blue satchel and I couldn’t find it anywhere.  No Proenza, no Mulberry, no Asos satchels are available in this color. I was almost giving up when I stumbled on this  Siste’s electric blue beauty and I knew it had to be mine!  Don’t […]

zara fringe bag and patent leather pumps

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Another raid in the Zara store brought me this fringe bag and these patent leather pumps! I have styled them together with a Chanel-like blazer and I have realized at the time of the photoshoot that I was wearing an almost total Zara outfit. I am a Zara-aholic! L’ennesima […]

nude, black and gold

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Quick post to highlight  3 things: First: nude + black + gold is a nice combination. Second that according to the photographer, Alice of Appunti Di Moda, this blazer is not looking as it is in pictures. Third …I forgot the third point….I am a multitasking person and while […]