Yellow crochet earrings

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!  These yellow crochet earrings by Nicky’s Creations have populated my dreams for quite sometime! Now that they are mine I had immediately thought of building up an outfit around them, that’s why I have used this Sheinside yellow dress (seen here) as a top. What do you think? […]

Hanging around in Forte Dei Marmi

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!  A day with my friends Fede and Marianna in Forte dei Marmi after the fashion show. A messy outfit that was put together to go to the beach….but the adverse weather conditions prevented us from dropping by the sea. That’s why I am wearing a ready for the […]

Pink, white and beige

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Just for this time I have decided to make a minor change: I wore white, bright pink and beige. But the terrace and the photographer are the same….. It’s just that I am to lazy to carry my camera with me when we are going out and… I […]

Electric blue jeans and coral clutch

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I could save few pictures of these shooting for one reason: I just did what my husband said and we failed the light exposure…. So none of these pictures is showing my face since the ones where I was looking at the camera are way too dim….which, in turn, […]

Essie and Sal y Limon

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I can’t believe that I have finally found Essie’s nail polishes in Rome! They are more rare than a clover! And since my credit card was already out of the wallet I have splurged a little bit more thanks to lovely (grrrrr!!!) Lucy of The Pink Carpet who […]

Neon and neutrals

Is it possible to combine a neon accessory with neutral clothing? In my opinion yes when it comes to the Proenza Shouler neon coral satchel! I am so in love with this combination! BTW this trench coat is 8 years old :-)) don’t you think that it looks brand new?? Secondo voi i colori fluo […]