My beloved accessories: bags part II

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Second part of my fave bags…. You can see part one here! Secondo appuntamento con le mie amate borse. La prima parte la trovate qui!! Ed una della borse è in comune! Alexa by Mulberry in Purple Alexander Mc Queen De Mantra Samurai Rebecabell coral studded clutch Alexander […]

How to wear pastels: purple and yellow

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!  Purple and yellow are a very nice color combination and once again I am in the woods together with Alice of Appunti di moda who took these pictures. Fact is that we are very shy when it comes to photoshooting and we are always trying to find very […]

Oroblu haul

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! This is my first haul at Oroblu  but they have so many amazing things that I couldn’t resist! The first new acquisition is this green tank that I have styled with purple, like in one of my first outfits! Do you like it? Ho fatto una strage sul sito […]

My beloved accessories: bags part I

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I realized that I have so many accessories that I could build a 3 story buiding with them, so to share with you this burden I have decided to show you some of the accessories I have used so far. Let’s start with some of my bags! Ho […]

zara floral print blouse

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! One day I was ravaging the Zara store in Bologna together with my friend Lucia (who happens to know my closet better than I do) when we stumbled on this Zara floral print blouse and she said: “hey, that blouse would be great with your Alexa and your Carvelas”! […]

Oh My Alexa!

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Do you know how much I love this purple Alexa by Mulberry? It’s soft and ….purple! Like my Carvelas!!! I had a nice walk in the park together with my friend and photographer Alice of  Appunti Di Moda and we decided to take some pictures of this outfit and the […]

Lovely Alexa

Please Vote for me on this contest: I am Francesca of Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Per favore votatemi su questo contest: Francesca di Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! To vote click here: and select my picture! Per votarmi cliccate su questo link: e votate il mio look! Another outfit with my new Mulberry’s Alexa: the snow […]

The (Temporary) End Of The Ice Age

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Ok up to now you have always seen me with my Hunter rain boots. Anyway, we had a small break with the icing temperatures and most of the snow melt away! So I had the chance to wear just for one day my beloved heels…then the hell opened its gates again….  BUON […]

Purple Mulberry’s Alexa + BiNF Fashion Show

Another great bargain thanks to Lucy of The Pink Carpet. She is the one who informed me that at Spoon, a luxury store located in Modena, Mulberry’s Alexa bags were sold at a 50% discount! So I got this purple version which is identical to hers….ok I copied but I am not regretting it!!! Ecco […]