Out of the shadows

Ancora una volta vi mostro le foto fatte alla luce del sole, out of the shadows, sembra il titolo di un film! La Canon 5D Mark III è davvero una gran macchina (ti credo con quello che costa) e scatta benissimo anche in condizioni estreme, ma ci vuole molta pazienza e soprattutto molta forza…. Per […]

My first love: Miu Miu Harlequin bag

borsa harlequin miu miu

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! This bag is very important to me, I will never ever get the rid of it! My hubby bought it for me in a very hard time for both of us. This Miu Miu Harlequin bag is the most loved of my bags. I simply love it! Questa […]

Christmas presents:: Jcrew fuchsia coat

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!  Another Xmas present, this time from my hubby….no need to say that I have ordered this one as well…..would you ever believe that a man could choose this JCrew fuchsia coat? Naaaah! P.S. I will be very busy at work this week, so I’ll try to catch up […]

skin gloves for iphone and ipad

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!  It’s time to reveal the mystery behind the gloves that I showed you here! With freezing temperatures gloves are our best ally. But anyone who loves technology, knows that with traditional gloves you can’t use touchscreen devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Skingloves are a a brilliant idea […]

A dreamer’s itinerary

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!  Today I want to talk about a very important project named “A dreamer’s itinerary”. Virginie is a dreamer and a great photographer (a professional, not a pro like my hubby), so she had an idea: why not connecting Europe through its inhabitants’ dreams? So she will travel for […]

Red booties and blue cape

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!  I am soooo happy that I could wear my studded red booties again! It keeps raining and raining here and since these booties are made of (fake) suede they can easily stain in the rain! Anyway here they are more unconfortable than ever! Sono così contenta di poter […]

zara leopard print coat…again!

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!  Yes, yes yes! I love this Zara leopard print coat and since I have bought it I can’t stop wearing it!!  You might say that I am boring….and you are right!!! Eh già!! Da quando ho comprato questo cappottino leopardato di Zara non riesco più a toglierlo! Penserete […]

That 70’s show…..again!

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I love wearing these Chon boots, they always inspire me for some 70’s style outfit like this one. The only contemporary detail is the Rocco bag. Do you like this style? Adoro questi stivali di Chon, mi ispirano sempre un look anni 70 (e non da 70enni) come […]

Marc Ellis booties and pomikaki clutch

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!   These Marc Ellies booties are not easy to match. Not at all. Luckily I have this studded jacket that shares the same color with them. The bag has been a bit tricky since the Fossil Bag that you have seen here was not the right one. Then I […]

The red coat

Today on Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! Did I ever tell you that I love red? Oh yes several times that’s why I had to have a red coat in my closet and not a simple plain coat but this puff sleved pleated coat from Romwe that I have already showed you here.  This time I […]