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fashion of the 50s

fashion of the 50s

Ta daaaah! Surprisingly today on the blog a look inspired by the fashion of the 50s characterized by a longuette…


leopard print look

The leopard print look is back in fashion! But we have to pay attention because the risk of being ridiculous…

70s outfit

It takes very little to create a 70s outfit: a maxi-dress by Manuela Pardu with a fancy print, a vintage…

adlib fashion

Adlib fashion in Ibiza!

Ibiza, my favorite island, a magical, free island and Adlib fashion, which means freedom. It comes from the Latin “Ad…

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Fashion blogger based in Rome. My fashion blog is born in 2011 and I am one of the few fashion influencer over 40

seo per influencer

Why SEO is crucial for influencers

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)After talking about SEO for fashion bloggers, we expand the field and talk…