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bikini con balze

Bikini with flounces

And here I am with the second bikini with flounces by La Flaca bikini! Today I tell you why you…

bikini estate 2019

2019 summer bikinis

Soon we will be leaving for the sea and now it is time to think about 2019 summer bikinis :…

mamma e figlio vestiti uguali

Mom and son dressed alike

Dressed alike couples, mothers and daughters dressed alike. But mom and son dressed alike is almost rare? We did it…

look da discoteca elegante

2019 summer disco look

The 2019 summer disco look must be sparkling! But also original! Why not take advantage of summer sales to buy…

shorts con le righe

Shorts with stripes

Do you like my new shorts with stripes? Here is the perfect look, by Goa Goa, for a walk in the…


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What to do in Skiathos in a week

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