I finally found in Rome the ideal place to practice yoga and relax: it’s called Yogayur and it combines yoga, massage, meditation and counseling. Now I’ll explain everything!

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As you all know, I, Alice, am the DCMFB yogi. Today I bring you to the discovery of Yogayur, a new way of doing yoga and increasing its beneficial effects on the mind.

I have been in the Yogayur headquarters in the Gazometro but there are others too.

Imagine a Roman Sunday, warm and sunny. Imagine it at the end of the day. Imagine a green terrace with a wonderful blue sky. And now imagine your well-being, serenity and harmony between body and mind. Imagine a relaxing environment, surrounded by fragrant oils and background music.

Now add a wonderful Thai massage, an hour of dynamic yoga practice … mix well, close your eyes, breathe deeply and here is Yogayur

Yogayur is an association that was born to give a new impetus to the culture of personal well-being, a well-being that is not only physical but diffused on all levels of human manifestation, through an integral approach aimed at harmonizing the body, the mind and the heart.

YogAyur is a wonderful corner of harmony, right next to the Rome Gazometer which, thanks to the collaboration with professionals and experts in different holistic subjects, offers a 360 degree support in its wellness research, offering private and group lessons of Yoga and meditation ; massages and holistic treatments at home or at connected spas; individual relational counseling sessions, for couples or work groups; workshops and thematic meetings on wellness; practice retreats and trips to places of artistic and cultural interest.

For me it was a fantastic experience, also because in this period I’m working a lot and I do not have a moment for me. The experience with Yogayur really gave me a moment of serenity!

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Alice Magliano

Alice Magliano

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  1. Hello
    Just by seeing the photos I’m already relaxed and involved in this spirit of release from the stress of everyday life. The place is beautiful. our spiritual and psychic well-being is very important, I am sure that practicing yoga brings us many benefits.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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