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Good morning from sunny Greece, today I give you some advice on where to stay in Crete in top facilities without spending a fortune. And we will see together how to choose between hotel and holiday apartments.

dove dormire a cretaWhere to stay in Crete: better a hotel, a tourist village or a holiday apartment?

The organization of our trip to the Greece’s largest island has been very troubled. Some friends had to come with us and in choosing where to stay in Crete we had initially seen a series of hotels and then opted instead for a holiday villa.

Looking on the web there are lots of interesting offers on where to stay in Crete.

For example, a site that I found very interesting and on which I found many beautiful holiday homes in Greece is Holidu. One villa in particular had attracted our attention because being at the end in 10 it seemed to us the best solution.

In the end, unfortunately, our friends had to give up and so we left alone.

At that point we decided for two hotel facilities.

Crete is a very large island and if you want to visit it all I suggest you do two stages: one on the west coast and one more central.

To choose where to stay in Crete I have obviously gone hunting for news on the web and one of my favorite sites is Turisti per Caso, here I found lots of advice on where to stay and on the places to visit.

In the end we opted for the Adelais hotel in Tavronitis (Chania) on the west coast and for the Minos Hotel in Rethymno.

From Tavronitis it is possible to visit the beaches of Efalonissi, the Balos Lagoon, Falassarna and Paleochora while from Rethymno it is easy to get to Sougia, Aghios Pavlos and above all …. the palace of Knossos. I am fascinated by the Greco-Roman culture and I could not not foresee this stage, although I know it will be a disappointment.

Apparently the archaeological site is not kept very well and most of the artifacts are kept in the museum.

We chose to stay at the hotel for the simple fact that being in 3 makes little sense to take an apartment and especially because I do not know how to cook and I prefer to have everything ready to avoid poisoning the family.

Last year, in Zakynthos, we had opted for an apartment and I guarantee you that the husband has literally inhibited access to the kitchen!

In any case, the choice of the hotel is optimal if you are in a few but the holiday home becomes a necessity when you are in more than three, in my opinion.

The important thing is to be accompanied by someone who knows how to cook, right?

Good day to all and follow my stories on Instagram and my videos on Instagram TV!

where to stay in crete


Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hello franscesca
    I would have to choose an apartment because I have to cook my own meals. But before being with this health problem chose hotel, didn’t want to be with any kind of work, nothing, not even do the meals, holidays are holidays, no to work, and that’s it !!
    Btw I love your sandals!


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