what to do in Prague with the children

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Today I will tell you the second part of my exciting trip to one of the most beautiful cities I have seen and what to do in Prague with the children.

Hi Sweeties. Are you ready for the second part of my fantastic journey? Today I will continue to tell you how I experienced my last trip to Prague and I hope to provide all parents with a useful guide on what to do in Prague with the children.

Let’s see …… where we left? Ah yes now I remember ….As I was telling you, Prague is very easy to visit with children.

The fourth day we woke up and unfortunately the weather was not great …. the sky was cloudy and sometimes fell a thin thin rain …. my parents were wondering what to do in Prague with the children while raining.
So we slipped in our k-way and we started to conquer the Prague Castle ….

Leaving the hotel, given the time dancer, we decided to take the tram. Incredible punctuality of the means in Prague and you can not imagine how much they run!

We got off the tram, we walked towards the old Castle Steps … a tiring route that rewarded us with one of the most beautiful views of Prague.

Arrived at the castle, Mum and Dad made the ticket for the Long Path (Old Royal Palace, the exhibition ‘The history of the Prague Castle’, St. George’s Basilica, St. George’s Monastery – National Gallery, Vicolo d’oro and Dalibor Tower, Prague Castle Art Gallery) …

The things I have to say I liked the most were the Basilica of San Vito, where with dad and mom we played the game “look for the crown”, and its tower, with 287 steps … At the top we were dead on our feet, but the sight of the whole city of Prague made us immediately forget the great effort! Very nice is also the clock mechanism, easily visible.

Finally, we visited the famous Golden Alley… a narrow street where time seems to have stopped many years ago, formed by colorful houses all differently, in a fairytale style …. the houses are now a sort of open sky museum where you can see a slice of life in the alley in the last five centuries. One in particular has been used as a small museum of medieval armor and weapons ….

My brother loved it, personally I have to say that I found some of them a little too … “monstrous” …. but you know that I prefer princess dresses!

Leaving the castle we visited its gardens, whose visit is free, and then walk down to the hotel.

During the return journey, by pure chance, we passed in front of the wax museum …… we asked Mum and Dad to visit it, and we entered …

Very nice and well done, assorted of celebrities of the present and the past, I recommend to all parents when deciding what to do in Prague with the children!

Satisfied and happy, we went to dinner at the restaurant “U tri Ruzi“, a typical restaurant in Prague, where mom and dad drank a beer  and ate a pork knuckle that was the end of the world …  with only one shin, we have eaten all four …. but tell your parents to book otherwise it is difficult to find a free place.

The fifth day fortunately the sun came back and we dedicated it entirely to visit the Jewish quarter …

It is a neighborhood made up of wonderful Art Nouveau buildings, very clean and shiny, and lots of shining windows and luxury shops, from Bulgari to Rolex … my eyes have never shone so much …. I tried to convince mom to buy me a little thing, but I have not really succeeded …. I wonder why …..

Also here we opted for the cumulative ticket that allowed us to visit all the synagogues and the Jewish cemetery (very beautiful experience, even for us children … .to make us children visit the cemetery a little more exciting, dad there has proposed a game: to identify, on each headstone, the symbol that identified the house of the various families … this allowed us, in respect of the place, to carefully observe the place where we were and spend carefree, such a moment delicate and touching).

At the end of the day, this time we had dinner at a place near the hotel, recommended by them, and in the evening we dedicated it to suitcases ….

On the morning of the sixth day, last day of vacation, we reluctantly went to the airport …. but even here we have concluded in beauty … got on the plane, the captain made us visit the cockpit and he allowed to take some souvenir photos! … wow I did not think it was so small and full of buttons !!!

So this is all about what to do in Prague with the children!

Ludo the Imp

cosa fare con i bambini a praga

what to do in prague with the children

Ludo the Imp

Ludo the Imp

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