What to do in Mumbai in one day

Today we travel to India. Here’s what to do in Mumbai if you have only one day left: what you can’t miss in this eclectic city in the heart of India!cosa fare a mumbai in un giorno

Today we take you to India and tell you what to do in Mumbai in one day: what can’t you miss? India is a magical country, where modernity and tradition embrace.

Mumbai until 1995 was known as Bombay.

It is a city in continuous evolution, capable of transforming itself and at the same time always remaining the same.

We visited it with a guide who accompanied us building a tailor-made itinerary for us. A day to discover the most emblematic points of the city but at the same time the most special points for everyday life
What to do in Mumbai in a one day tour? The first thing is to walk among its folkloristic neighborhoods.

Walking through the streets of Mumbai the traveller’s eye remains entranced when one realizes that one is breathing the true uncontaminated traditional culture.

The second thing to do in Mumbai is to visit the Gateaway from India.
The structure was to commemorate the landing of King George V and Queen Maria in Mumbai during their visit to the early twentieth century. Behind him begins a magical visit to the Old City with shades that change every hour of the day, in this enigmatic stretch of the world that must be lived with the heart.

Continue to the Maidan, the three gardens where you find yourself playing cricket and where you can also admire many Victorian-Gothic buildings.

Continuing on Namiran Road there is the Piazza dei Martiri with the fountain, dating back to 1864, dedicated to the goddess Flora where to move surrounded by greenery. On the right, instead, there is the Elphinstone Palace, at Elphinstone Circle, in sandstone and in Venetian Gothic style.

At this point, by car, you reach the Vip hill of Malabar, passing Girgaon Chowpatty Beach and discovering the beach.

Don’t forget the Chhatrapati Shivaji train station. Here you can see an unparalleled architectural structure but at the same time this is the station used by all Indians to move. This means that once inside you will be immersed in the daily life of this unique culture and above all submerged by the people.
The ethnic and religious wealth of India is unique in the world.

We have chosen to spend a few hours discovering the coexistence of different religions. We visited the Cathedral of St. Thomas, the first Anglican church in Mumbai, and then moved on to Hinduism: to understand its history, visit the temple of Mumba Devi, dedicated to the goddess Mumba, and the temple of Babulnath, built in honor of Shiva.

The next stop will be the famous Haji Ali Dargah mosque, one of the most emblematic places in Mumbai. This sanctuary is a fundamental witness to the passage of Islam in India.
Food, flavors, colors, spices play a fundamental role in life here: choose them and try them without delay.
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what to do in mumbai in one day

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