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Today I present you a small guide on what to do in Bali in 10 days. Are they enough or not? The answer is yes if you are alone in Bali. Here’s what you absolutely can’t miss!cosa fare a bali

Today I decided to summarize our trip to Bali in a mini guide: here’s what to do in Bali in 10 days. Exactly the time period of our stay.

Are 10 days enough to visit Bali?

10 days are enough if your destination is exclusively Bali. If you also want to see the famous Gili islands then you need at least 5 more days.

We have not had time to see them and I know they are really beautiful.

They could be the ideal destination for those who dream of Caribbean landscapes because, as I told you, the sea in Bali is not really that great.

What are the must-see destinations in Bali?

First of all, Bali is nature, so what you absolutely must not miss are the breathtaking landscapes of Ubud’s rice terraces, the monkey forest and the Tegenungan waterfalls. The latter, in my opinion, are overrated but worth it for the path between the magnificent prehistoric-like plants.

The rice terraces of Ubud can be seen the same day as the plantation of Caffe Luwak, another must-see destination if you go to Bali and the Hot Springs of Mount Batur. Do you think you can taste the famous coffee excreted … by the lemurs !!!

What are the temples to see in Bali?

The temples of Bali are certainly not to be missed.

One is precisely that of the monkey forest, which can be seen the same day as the Tenenungam waterfalls.

Then there is the famous Temple of Lempunyang, so to speak, the one where the photos are taken at the Gateway to Heaven with the mirror effect.

This temple can be seen the same day as the water palace of Tirta Gangaa, the most spectacular for me!

Then there is the sea temple of Tanah Lot, simply wonderful. Surrounded by the sea and the waves it is really very impressive, I recommend it!

Finally, the temple on the lake of Ulun Danu, one of the most photographed. Surrounded by greenery and connected to the lake by a small bridge, it is truly a small architectural gem.

The two temples can be seen during the same day.

In the mini guide on what to do in Bali in 10 days can not miss a dip in the Balinese traditions

Among the things to do in Bali I definitely recommend a visit to the Balinese houses and to see the local dances as local dances: we got to attend the Barong & Kris dance and the Kecak Dance.

When is it best to visit Bali?

The best time to visit Bali is between May and September, during the dry season.

Which is not to say that you won’t encounter any afternoon downpours but that the probability is much lower than in the wet season.

I hope this mini guide invites you to visit this wonderful island because it’s really worth it!


what to do in bali in 10 days

what to do in bali in 10 days

tempio sul lago a bali ulun danu

palazzo dell'acqua tirta gangga bali

what to do in bali in 10 days

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