The good weather allows us to extend the holidays, so why not take advantage of it? After the sea or the mountains, here are some suggestions for a weekend on Lake Maggiore.weekend on lake maggiore

If the return to work after the summer break was traumatic, a weekend of relaxation at the lake is what it takes. Intra, Stresa, the Borromean Islands are just some of the wonders that can be admired during a weekend on Lake Maggiore.

Start your visit from Stresa, an elegant health resort, for a stroll along the famous lakeside promenade lined with villas overlooking the Borromeo Islands.

Continue your weekend on Lake Maggiore in Intra and enjoy the beautiful botanical gardens of Villa Taranto surrounded by seven km. of avenues with twenty thousand species and plant varieties. Dahlias, Amazonian water lilies, gladioli, hydrangeas and petunias light up the place of a thousand colors.

The following day, embark for the magnificent Borromeo Islands and visit Isola Bella with the seventeenth-century Palazzo. The rooms are richly decorated and the chapel contains objects that belonged to San Carlo Borromeo. In 1797 Napoleon Bonaparte also stayed in this baroque residence. Outside there is a lovely Italian garden. Afterwards you reach the Isola dei Pescatori, the only one to be inhabited all year round and get lost in the alleys that lead to the central square. Fishing is still very popular and it is really worth stopping to eat in one of the many trattorias overlooking the lake.

Before concluding your weekend on Lake Maggiore, do not leave without visiting the village of Orta S. Giulio on the homonymous lake. Let yourself be captivated by the atmosphere of its silent streets, the suggestive baroque corners and the courtyards.

By boat, you can also reach the island of San Giulio which houses a Romanesque basilica. Even the Sacro Monte, behind the village, deserves to be visited. It is a religious complex consisting of twenty chapels dedicated to St. Francis with frescoes from 1600-1700.

To unplug and enjoy the mild September days, a weekend on Lake Maggiore is all you need.

weekend sul lago maggiore

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