A weekend in Marseille, just an hour’s flight from Rome, is the ideal way to switch off, taking advantage of the mild climate and the opportunities it offers.Here is what to do in Marseille in two days.

A weekend in Marseille is a dive into history.

The city is full of brio because it is a melting pot of cultures.

Marseille has the most important port in France and has always been a crossroads of people of all nationalities.

Start your weekend in Marseille from the beating heart of the city, the Old Port.

Waiting for you is the suggestive sculpture by Norman Foster, La Tettoia, which reflects the sea below.

Around the port are the oldest neighborhoods, such as the characteristic Le Panier, of Greek origin which is currently the hipster area of ​​the city.

The main streets are Rue de la Charité and Rue du Panier from which small alleys of colorful houses unfold. Savor a Pastis in the small Place de Moulins and reach the Cathedral Notre Dame de la Major.

The imposing church overlooks the sea and harmonizes well with the ultra modern Museum of Civilization of Europe and the Mediterranean, externally in reinforced concrete filigree.

Next door is the fortress of Saint Jean built in the seventeenth century which is home to exhibitions and offers one of the most beautiful views of the harbor and the sea.

Continue your weekend in Marseille with a boat ride to admire the Calanques, the famous white rock massifs overlooking the sea. Another opportunity is to visit the islands of Frioul with the Castle of If, the fortress-prison made famous by Alexandre Dumas in Il Conte di Montecristo.

A weekend in Marseille is also folkloristic local markets and great food. Treat yourself to a feast of fish at the Toinou fish restaurant. Then dispose of walking along the Corniche, a stretch of coast of 5 km that offers views of the sea.

Before concluding your weekend in Marseille, visit the church Notre Dame de la Garde which rises majestically on the sea.

I hope I have given you all the information you need to visit Marseille in two days and remember it’s only an hour’s flight !!!

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