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Are you thinking of organizing a trip to Portugal and you can not decide on what to visit? Then I recommend the region of the Algarve, perfect for those who love the sea, beaches, and a warm climate even in winter.organizzare un viaggio in portogallo

trip to portugal

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Organizing a trip to Portugal is not easy, especially because the landscape varies greatly depending on the area, so what to see?

Restricting the field can help, not by chance in these lines we will focus on the Algarve, the southernmost region of mainland Portugal.

Algarve is relatively small, but also very popular with tourists due to its nature, beaches and climate, which is mild in every season of the year.

The Algarve has two main centers: Faro, the capital, and Albufeira, the most important seaside resort.

Although Faro has its own beach (it is called Praia de Faro), many tourists visit it especially for walking in the old city, surrounded by walls built by the Arabs, who founded Faro and dominated the region for more than 500 years.

If you pass by, do not forget to take a trip to the Paço Episcopal and the Cathedral, which houses a colony of storks on top of the bell tower.

To make pure sea life, Albufeira is more suitable: scenically perched on cliffs, has a large sandy beach, located right next to an old fishing district, you will struggle to find a better definition of the word “picturesque”.

You will discover other interesting beaches in Lagos, where you can also hike up the Ponta da Piedade promontory to take pictures of some of Portugal’s most beautiful cliffs.

If you have come across a season too full of tourists, escape from the most beaten areas and head to Sagres, an ancient fishing port and today a surfer’s paradise.

Not far away you will find Cabo de São Vicente, a magical place that will give you the impression of having reached the end of the world: it will not be like that, but thinking of it will come naturally when you look at the waters where many naval battles were fought.

Do you like sails? Then end your holiday in Vilamoura, a chic seaside resort famous for its marina and marina, which will allow you to enrich your Portuguese stay with a nice boat trip!

So if you love the heat and the beach even in winter, but you do not want to go to the other side of the world, the advice is to organize a trip to Portugal, the Algarve region awaits you!

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Esmeralda Evangelista

Esmeralda Evangelista

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