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A trip to Sharm el Sheikh to escape a few days in the heat between golden beaches and crystal clear sea. There are so many things to do and see while in Sharm. Here are some useful tips to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

vacanze a Sharm el Sheikh

Are you planning to organize a trip to Sharm el Sheikh? It seems to me the right time! Especially for those who do not like cold and rain but prefer summer, the heat, the beach and the crystal clear sea.

I was in Sharm el Sheikh a while ago and I was fascinated by the natural wonders that this place offers.

But also from hotels and fairytale villages that host tourists from all over the world.

The first thing to do, if you are planning a trip to Sharm el Sheikh, is definitely to choose the best resort.

There are beautiful ones, like those proposed by Alpitour. Impossible not to be able to find the most suitable for our tastes and our needs.

For example, I chose one in the center of Naama bay, a stone’s throw from the beach and very close to shops and clubs.

Organizing a trip to Sharm el Sheikh is not just for seafarers, tanning and snorkeling but also for lovers of nature, history, fun and adventure.

To better face a trip to the heart of the Red Sea, however, you need to have some small precautions.

Here are some tips that, fortunately too, I followed before leaving for Sharm el Sheikh.

What should not be missing in your suitcase?

Surely a good sunscreen, the sun beats strong and you should never be on the beach without a good dose of sunscreen.

Bring shoes from the sea, with which to swim because it is possible to hurt oneself with corals that cause type burns to the skin.

Indispensable are the lactic ferments, intestinal antibiotics and disinfectant tablets for water if you do not want to spend your holidays locked in the bathroom !!!

I recommend avoiding drinks with ice, the water in those areas is not very safe!

Also indispensable in a suitcase a scarf to protect yourself from the air conditioning! In villages, resorts or premises there are at least 20 degrees less than outside!

But when we go to the beach we can indulge ourselves with original and light looks. Here are the accessories to show off on the beach so as not to go unnoticed.

I also recommend that you also have disposable underwater cameras.

Now you are ready to go and enjoy a wonderful sea, relax in golden beaches and go on unique excursions, like the camel in the desert where you will be literally mesmerized by the wonderful view of the stars!

It will seem to you that the sky is about to fall on you! I was amazed for an hour!

Another thrill was the dive into the wonderful reef of ras mohamed! Bathe in the midst of many colorful fish and manage to touch them.

Now you are ready to organize your trip to Sharm el Sheikh that you will remember for a long time.

Happy holiday!

trip to  Sharm el Sheikh

vacanze a Sharm el Sheikh

vacanze a Sharm el Sheikh

vacanze a Sharm el Sheikh

vacanze a Sharm el Sheikh

vacanze a Sharm el Sheikh

vacanze a Sharm el Sheikhphoto: google

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