Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens

Hello everyone from Athens, the city of the well-known Parthenon. Today, however, I will show you the lesser known Temple of Olympian Zeus and I will tell you about our troubled holiday in Greek land!

temple of olympian zeus in athensWe finally and incredibly arrived in Athens and without even unpacking we rushed to see (before it closed) the temple of Olympian Zeus, less known than the Parthenon but with a very interesting history.

A bit like that of the adventure that took us to fly to Athens when our final destination was Paros. But let’s go in order.

The temple of Olympian Zeus, where it is, how much it costs and what is the timetable

The temple of Olympian Zeus, also mentioned by Aristotle, has a very troubled history. Its construction began in 500 BC. with the aim of becoming the largest temple in Greece but it was then abandoned until the emperor Hadrian, a great admirer of Greek culture, had it completed by also building a door from which it was possible to see the Acropolis in perspective. Today this is no longer the case because the view is blocked by a series of horrifying buildings.

The temple is located 500m from the Acropolis, at the foot of Plaka, the most beautiful district of Athens, where our house is located.

The opening hours are from 8 to 20 and the price is 8 euros for adults while children up to 12 years enter for free (but I recommend you to bring their passport).

The temple has almost completely collapsed, unfortunately, and it is also possible to see how the columns (in overlapping slices) were mounted, which have a Corinthian-style capital.

The site is quite well preserved, certainly better than 15 years ago, when I went to visit it with some work colleagues.

Going to Paros, passing through Athens: a misadventure that turned out to be a lucky one

If you also follow me on Instagram and have seen my stories, you will know that thanks to those great guys from Blu Panorama we found ourselves a month prior departure, with everything confirmed, not having a flight anymore and initially not even a refund.

In short, we no longer wanted to go to Greece due to Covid, Blu Panorama tells us a week before that the flight is confirmed and that they cannot refund us if we do not leave by our will, we confirm the house and Blu Panorama cancels the flights to Greece hahahaha.

And do you know what they do? They give us a voucher by taking advantage of a DDL that was valid only during the lockdown period!

Well we sent the voucher back to the sender and asked for a refund.

In the meantime, as the house was confirmed, we redesigned our trip by taking a flight from Rome to Athens to Rome and spending a few nights in the Greek capital.

This afternoon we will leave for Paros by ferry and we will stay there until 21 August, when we will return to Athens (we are planning a visit to Mycenae) and then we will continue after a couple of days to Rome.

In short, in the end it seems that this misadventure has led to positive consequences and soon we will also show you the photos of our visit to the Acropolis and its surroundings.

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tempio di zeus olimpio

tempio di zeus olimpio

Temple of Olympian Zeus

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