Why the sea in winter is good for kids

Today I will tell you why the sea in winter is good for kids and what activities can be done without necessarily ending up in the water!

Perchè il mare in inverno fa bene ai bambini

Hello sweeties, I am finally here and ready to tell you, in my opinion, why the sea in winter is good for kids and what activities we can do even if we can not swim!

Taking advantage of a pleasant day at the end of December, in the middle of winter, with my parents and some friends of ours, we took the opportunity to spend a few days in San Felice del Circeo, a town located along the coast of southern Lazio.

Obviously, what better scenario could you choose than the beautiful and famous Saporetti beach? It is located on the slopes of Mount Circeo, where the living rock dives directly into the sea, and where the transparent and clear water has the same color of the lush nature that covers the dunes above, setting it as if it were a precious cameo, it is formed almost by magic, this fantastic stretch of beach, grainy, soft, white!

What is the result of a spell by the famous sorceress Circe? Looking at the clffs that rise above, following the path, it really seems to see her  profile and this constant feeling of being under her watchful gaze really puts the chills … .brrrrrrrrrr!

The beach is really inviting … .spacious, long … in winter, then, from a feeling of depth, perhaps due to the absence of people!
That day, I remember, you could hear no more noise than the lapping of the waves … a sweet and constant sound that accompanied our walk every second ..
That’s why the sea in winter is good for kids…. For the first time I felt calm, serene, happy to be in that place!
Walking on the beach, you could smell the smell of saltiness that inebriated our nostrils .. on the ground, everywhere, an expanse of variegated shells seemed to form a beautiful colorful carpet on the sand!
Suddenly I asked my mother if I could take off my shoes and I started running at breakneck speed along the beach, taking advantage of the sense of extreme freedom and total absence of danger … with a stick found on the ground, I wrote my name on the sand , and that of my parents… I drew strange figures, I dug holes and collected shells, run and screamed in the wind!
I understood then when my grandfather told me why the sea in winter is good for kids… because they can feel really careless and free from any danger, to externalize their every fantasy, in total harmony with the environment that surrounds them!

And above all, we can run freely along the beach, breathe clean air and make lots of beautiful necklaces with shells because for once there will be little competition!

I love these days, I love the sea at all times!
Thanks for your attention and I hope to see you soon!

A little kiss,

Ludo the Imp

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  1. She’s so cute!! I love to go to the beach in the winter, it’s beautiful and you can really explore without lots of people as well. Very peaceful. Have a great day x

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