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Sardinia on a sailing boat is another thing, away from the crowd and with the possibility of discovering uncontaminated places! Here are some tips on what to expect to not suffer!

September here we go again … the long-awaited holidays are spent at the speed of light and in my case discovering Sardinia on a sailing boat!

Life in a 10 m sailing boat. is undoubtedly for true fans of the sea, sun and salt, for those who don’t care about having the suitcase full of clothes, of beauty, of sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste, for those who bear the alarm set at 5: 30 and for those who no longer know how to wear shoes …

When the answer “I will spend the holidays seeing Sardinia on a sailboat” I see the enthusiasm and poetry materialize on the faces of the people, to me in all honesty always escapes a smile …

Everyone imagines the mega yacht with a lot of skippers and crew, and instead the harsh reality is made of bruises everywhere (endless is the time spent continuously slamming everywhere), canned food, narrow spaces, seasickness and a lot of work between tops and sails.

And the next question, after you’ve swept away the patina of magic telling how much you’ve been sick that time you came out with the long wave is: “then why do you like it ???”

Here is the beauty of it…

I like it because of  the silence interrupted only by the noise of the tops that slam on the tree. I like it because of the slowness punctuated by the pitch and the dawns that seem to explode in all the most beautiful colors that the pantone can present.

I like it because of the open spaces, almost infinite that you see only when you leave the port.

I like it because of the deep blue sea and the deep blue of the sky that always seem to touch, make me do myriads of stars that at 3 o’clock you find yourself wading as if you’ve never seen them before.

I like it because of that strange emotion that pervades you making you feel one with nature, the planet and the entire universe. That idea of ​​freedom and humility that invests you at the same time, that shiver that runs down your back, when you realize that man is really nothing and nobody compared to the infinite perfection and beauty that nature can show .. .

Here, this is what pushes me to give up a comfortable bed, the spa of the big hotels, the muscular awakenings of the tourist villages, the refined food of the starred restaurants.
Because for this it will always be enough to have a credit card, for everything else it takes soul.

So, next year, treat yourself to Sardinia on a sailing boat.

sardegna in barca a vela

sardinia on a sailing boat

Tips of the day

  • Sardinia on a sailing boat is an excellent solution if you want to avoid the barbaric hordes that spill over the most accessible beaches.
  • To go sailing, it is better to prepare a little while reading this post.
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Alice Magliano

Alice Magliano

Fitness, beauty blogger, fashion blogger “Podista pollista” ecco come amo definirmi. Perchè in fondo ci vuole sempre qualcuno che arrivi ultimo alle gare… e quella mediamente sono io!

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