How to relieve a sore throat in children

The most frequent question of us mothers? How to relieve a sore throat in children? I discovered NeoBorocillina Gola Junior cola flavored ! A remedy that proved to be very pleasant for the midget!come alleviare il mal di gola nei bambini

I admit it: several times I tried to find on Google how to relieve a sore throat in children, yes because my son unfortunately often suffers from colds, coughs and sore throats and I am always looking for some remedy that is effective but also palatable.

Well sometimes he also uses the sore throat as an excuse not to go to school but that’s another story.

Fortunately, going to the pharmacy I discovered a new remedy to relieve a sore throat  in children: NeoBorocillina Gola Junior, chewy tablets with cola taste that protect the throat and relieve the pain.

In fact, I have used tons of NeoBorocillina, because I must say that I have always been very inclined to take a sore throat.

My son, however, is a tough guy, he prefers to keep it rather than take something he does not like.

In our case, the cola taste plays a fundamental role: he loves this flavor.

So when I saw this new formulation of NeoBorocillina designed to relieve a sore throat in children I immediately took it.

Moving on to school I saw that they were distributing samples and a very cool kit including a pencil case and a sketchbook that I obviously brought home straight away.

And since I like to understand how my son thinks, I asked him to draw a sore throat … according to him.

As a good heir of Van Gogh he made a nice self-portrait and wrote “the sore throat is not for me”, when I asked him what he wanted to say he told me “Mom, I am a strong boy but I hate the pain, the sore throat can not stand it “!!

And it’s true poor love, in 9 years of sore throat it has suffered many and since it is very selective in the flavors I never knew what to give him.

Now with the cola-flavored pills I am sure that he will not make any more stories and I will feel even calmer because even when he is ill I am feeling sick too.

But I think this is common to all of us mothers. A little less for the dads right?

I speak of my husband at least: the sleepless nights are all mine!

how to relieve a sore throat in children

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