I’m back and today I’ll tell you about my experience in one of the most entertaining theme parks in Rome and I’ll give you some information about Rainbow Magicland for kids!

Hi sweeties, did you miss me a little? Are you ready for a new story? Today I talk about Rainbow Magicland for kids , yes because the Roman theme park is not just for adults but also for “dwarfs” like me!

My summer holidays have finally started and … what better chance to inaugurate them with a beautiful day at Rainbow Magicland for kids?

It was the first time that my parents took me there and I must admit that it was a day full of emotions !!!

With the complicity of our friends, my parents have organized to spend a Sunday all together, full of fun and carefree, with the only goal of making us children have fun!

In total we were 4 families, that of my sweet and dear friend Francesca Romana Capizzi, that of my girlfriend of the heart Lavinia and that of Valentina, who is as passionate about fashion as me and Francesca Romana.

In all we were 6 children, 4 boys and 2 girls!!!

Today I tell you what are the games that Rainbow Magicland offers for kids.

We started by making a carousel called the “Bombo”, a sort of non-vertiginous roller coaster that still took my breath away on several occasions.

Equally feasible is the Olandese Volante even though here the children must be accompanied by our parents.

I have to admit that Rainbow Magicland for kids is a well organized and functional … despite the heat and too many people who, as always, makes the queues and individual games a little more crowded!

The day, however, continued in the name of fun and happiness … .. I did other games, but the ones that have most captured my attention most were the water games, which I did in the company of my friend Lavi …, we abandoned ourselves in games under fountains and waterfalls, which have refreshed us a lot, taking away that annoying feeling of oppressive heat.

The day ended with a huge orange granita and a good ice cream, which we children tasted hungry and satisfied!

I must admit that I really enjoyed it a lot!!!

I hope, in the future, there is still an opportunity to replicate such an experience!

I send you a kiss,

Ludo the Imp

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Ludo the Imp

Ludo the Imp

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