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I’m back and today I’ll tell you about my last amazing trip and what to visit while in Prague with the kids.

Hi Sweeties, are you ready for a new story? Today I will tell you about my last trip to Prague with the kids, a beautiful city to visit and very interesting for us too.

My fantastic daddy, to celebrate 10 years of marriage with my mother, has decided to make her a beautiful gift … a trip to Prague for the whole family!

It was the first time my brother and I had boarded a plane and we were so excited!!!!

At 8:00 we were at the airport and at 8:45 sitting on the plane, with belts fastened and ready for take-off!

I was so agitated that I held my mother’s hand tightly in the take-off phase.

We landed in Prague around 12.00.

My parents had already booked a taxi from Rome that immediately took us to the hotel … the service was very convenient and not particularly expensive: 28 euros for all 4 … but be careful … bring some local currency from home, because taxi drivers prefer crowns to euros.

The hotel chosen by Dad, the Residence Leon D’Oro, was really central …… 2 minutes walk from the Clock Square.

Visiting Prague with the kids is very easy: we managed to get around the city almost always on foot, without getting tired, despite going out in the morning calmly and returning to the hotel directly after dinner.

But now I will tell you in detail the first part of our holiday …

On the first day, having only the afternoon available, we immediately went to visit the Old Town Square and the astronomical clock, where we climbed to the top.

Beautiful to see, from above, the square and the city .

From there, we crossed the river along the Charles bridge and went to see the wall of John Lennon ….

Here I was a bit’angry with mom and dad because they forgot to bring me some pens and I could not do one of my beautiful drawings on the wall …..

Later, we went to Kampa Island where, while Mum and Dad were relaxing on a bench, Tato and I could play in a beautiful playground.

At about 19.30 we set off again to the hotel, stopping to eat a little thing for dinner at the local “AlRiso Italian Risotteria” …. one of the few restaurants completely gluten free, tried by mom specially for me, since I’m doing a diet free of gluten, lactose and nickel (what a tragedy !!).

On the second day we walked from the hotel to Wenceslas Square, crossing Václavské nám., A huge avenue full of shops, including an aesthetic center where they practiced the Fish Pedicure.

Could I not try it? ….. of course I convinced my parents and it was a really cool experience !!

After this relaxing break, we walked up to the Dancing House …. frankly, I did not like it at all …. but do not tell it around !!

Then we had a nice walk inside the botanical garden.

At this point, mum, satisfied, decided to devote to us the rest of the day by taking us to the Lego museum.

There we found a nice room where we could play a little with the Legos, spending carefree a bit of time.

On the way back we went in front of the gallery of steel figures,  intrigued, we decided to enter!

Here my brother went literally crazy!

Satisfied and happy, we went to dinner at “Krčma“, a typical and very characteristic restaurant in Prague.

We dedicated the third day entirely to visit the hill of Petrin, with: the Panoramic Tower (a kind of miniature copy of the Eiffel Tower), the Astronomical Observatory and the nice Labyrinth of Mirrors (whose entrance is very reminiscent of of a medieval castle) …. Here I enjoyed a world in seeing our image reflected and distorted by special mirrors.

To get on the hill we took the funicular … I felt like I was on that of Naples …

We walked along the wailing wall to the Strahov Monastery and visited the beautiful library.

Finally, we returned to the base of the funicular to visit the Astronomical Observatory Štefánik where, through its intriguing and majestic technical equipment, they allowed us to see the moon, the sun and the planet Venus …. wow …. Was really exciting.

At the end of the day, we decided to get off the hill by taking a nice walk through a small road surrounded by a green and wooded park, where we were lucky enough to see a small, reddish squirrel.

Finally, as a reward at the end of the day, my parents allowed us to have fun in a beautiful playground that I met along the way.

Again dinner and then to bed, tired but happy.

Now I greet you, giving you an appointment next month in which I will tell you the final part of this wonderful journey in Prague with the kids;

A little kiss

Ludo The ImpPraga per bambini la partenza

Praga per bambini piazza dell'orologio

Praga per bambini -Dentro l'orologio

Praga per bambini - Muro di John Lennon

Praga per bambini - I Bambini di bronzo di David Cerny

Praga per bambini - Fish Pedicure

Praga per bambini - Casa danzante

Praga con i bambini Orto botanico

Praga per bambini Museo Lego

Praga con i bambini  Galleria delle statue di acciaio

Praga per bambini collina di Petrin

Praga per bambini Torre Panoramica di Petrin

Praga per bambini Labirinto degli specchi

Praga per bambini - Monastero di Strahov

Praga per bambini - Osservatorio astronomico

Ludo the Imp

Ludo the Imp

Fashion blogger bambini- Ludo the Imp è il mio nome, la frase che più mi identifica è "papà vuoi capire che sono femminaaaaaa?" Urlo a squarciagola, faccio la spia con gusto e attendo calorosamente che mio fratello venga punito pubblicamente. Mi cambio in continuazione perché mi piace essere bella. Se volete interagire con me dotatevi di un paraorecchi e di tanta pazienza.

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  1. Hi, little blogger.
    but how lucky you are to go to Prague. And you fly with your family.
    Fish pedicure is more than cool. From what you tell us, you had a lot of fun on those mini vacations, thanks for sharing! the photos are spectacular, I loved seeing it !!


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