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On holiday with the dog. Fortunately today we can decide to bring our faithful friend with us even during the holidays. At the sea, in the mountains, at the lake … it is enough to know how to organize in the right vacanza con il cane

On holiday with the dog.

A need for many, given the number of people who now owns a dog. And thanks to this vertiginous increase of four-legged friends in the families that the tourism world has adapted and organized to welcome in the best way our dogs and more. Until very recently it was really difficult to think of going on holiday with the dog, but now there are many tourist facilities where you can bring our furry friends.

This year, in fact, our sweet Uffa has come with us to Ischia, Venice and Tuscany. Just choose the right structures and organize the trip.

If the dog is small, just bring a bag where he can be comfortable when you move perhaps with the ferry or on public transport but also when you go for example to the restaurant. Always bring the bowl for water, I bought a comfortable latex one that folds and can also put inside a pocket, maybe along with some cookies to cuddle if they are nervous or tired. I always carry with me a backpack for Uffa where I put crunchy biscuits, a towel, wet handkerchiefs and one of his puppets. In winter, also a little coat and cover. I must know that in any situation she is well.

Going on holiday with the dog we haveto think about the needs of our puppies; moment for food, playing and walk.

Uffa was on the hydrofoil to go to Ischia, on the vaporetto in Venice, on the train in Tuscany and she always behaved very well so we are already thinking about other trips with her.

We spent the summer in Tuscany in Sarteano. Every day at the pool and Uffa with us. At the Agriturismo Stigliano the animals are well-received and so she has been able to roam all the time on the green grass, chasing butterflies and various insects.

Having a dog is beautiful, but it also requires sacrifice and commitment. It is not a toy and must be taken care of and respected … always!


Tips of the day:

If you are going to take a dog, I recommend going to the kennel! I took Uffa here.

How to enhance the tan for a few days?

Using the right products, cleansing your face to mantain the tan and wearing the right clothes like a white dress with transparent flowers.

Esmeralda Evangelista

Esmeralda Evangelista

Beauty blogger, fashion blogger, fashion events Roma Sono Esmeralda, cugina di Francesca e sorella di Gianluca! Sono femmina e come tutte le femmine che nessuno si azzardi a non farmi studiare una qualsiasi vetrina con abiti, borse, scarpe e gingilli vari. Anche quella gran sfigata di Cenerentola ha puntato tutto su una scarpina e guardate cosa ha acchiappato: principe e regno con tanti omini e donnine che le lustrano le scarpe e le stirano i vestiti!

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