Today I bring you among the lights of Gaeta 2018 and I tell you until when you can see them and the best times to watch the shows in the square.
luminarie di gaeta

Put a new year at Circeo and add a dose of resourcefulness: this is how we managed to see the famous lights of Gaeta.

A crowded and bright path that we could not wait to visit.

And if you think the show is already over you are wrong. It is possible to visit the famous lights of Gaeta until 20 January!

Indeed, surely you will be able to see them better than we did because there will certainly be fewer people.

We have been there at the height of the crowd. I guarantee you that walking in the middle of the crowd was not easy.

In any case, I managed to take some pictures and above all to steal the cotton candy from a kid !

While my son decided that my beautiful blue fur needed some touch of white and so he “stuck” his cotton candy on my poor faux fur jacket!

The lights of Gaeta, contrary to what I thought, are not all gathered in a single space: some are located on the seafront, well spaced from each other and others are more inland.

We, among various “fights”, were able to see: the deer (or the reindeer, it was not that clear), the ship of Aeneas, the fish and the octopus.

The rest was practically unreachable due to the amount of people who spilled through the streets of Gaeta.

Not to mention the difficulty we encountered when we tried to see the show of 18 and 30. Artists, musicians, fireworks in short, a real party. Too bad that the human wall did not allow us to see practically nothing!

In any case, I managed to take some pictures with the lights of Gaeta and in one of these you can also see my son rolling with his friend.

Obviously I did not know that the two kids had climbed on the installation.

But, as soon as I saw the picture, I turned and glared at them!

The answer was “Mom but there’s no place in the street!”

Of all the installations that I liked the most is the ship of Aeneas because I am a fan of the Aeneid and Virgil in general.

I advise you to hurry up and go immediately to see the lights of Gaeta before they close!

Faux fur jacket by Ninni SenzaFreni and denim jeans by # 7.24 found at @duedidueshowroom

luminarie di gaeta 2018

Tips of the day

  • If you live in Rome and surroundings I recommend you visit the Circeo, in addition to being rich in history it also has a very beautiful National Park.
  • Tonight cook the polenta, with the cold it is an excellent solution for dinner.
  • The sales started: here are some ideas on what to buy!
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