Joachim Kaeser on Hse24 is one of the most loved and followed guests. Expert in prevention, health, wellness, psychology and energy has created a line of completely natural and vegan food supplements. An aid to achieve a healthy balance between body and mind!

Joachim Kaeser on Hse24 (but not only) is the most loved and followed wellness expert. Often his flagship products run out in a very short time.

Knowing Joachim is an experience that remains inside you. He pours serenity and well-being even just talking to us. I had the pleasure of meeting him long ago, I told you about it here.

Last month, together with Francesca, I had the honor of interviewing him, in a beautiful location near Rome, La Porta del Principe, and I tried to find out, according to him, the secret to achieving a healthy physical balance. and mental.

Because we know that true well-being is a mix of physical health and mental serenity. Joachim Kaeser nutritionist and hypnotherapy expert is firmly convinced of the close relationship between psyche and health.

Concrete proof is his story. In fact, he began his studies, about 30 years ago, after being hit twice by a cancer, which fortunately has passed brilliantly!

Why had his body suffered these two attacks? By rewinding the tape of his life, Joachim was able to identify moments and situations that he had experienced and which had profoundly marked him.

Thanks to his studies, he has come to the conclusion that in order to preserve one’s health, one must solve one’s emotional knots, health, beauty and psyche must live in harmony.

Knowing and loving each other is essential, as well as learning how to feed ourselves in the right way.

The secret? Always choose simple, sugar-free, unprocessed foods and especially eat very little meat (especially pork).

To help our body stay healthier and healthier Joachim Kaeser on Hse24 offers a line of 100% natural, high quality and even vegan natural food supplements that allow you to lose weight, purify and tone tissues with lasting results in time. Food supplements are not medicines, but only a valuable aid to supplement certain nutrients.

I regularly take nutritional supplements, especially since I passed the “door” !!! I took advantage of having Joachim Kaeser in front of me to ask what are, according to him, the basic supplements to be taken on a daily basis and he suggested me: zinc, copper, vitamin d, potassium and iron. It is essential to do physical activity and follow the Mediterranean diet.

But above all … remove stress and know how to enjoy life in its extraordinary simplicity!

Tune into the HSE24 television channel (digital terrestrial channel 37 and 476 sky) or go to their site to discover the world of Joachim Kaeser on Hse24 and much more!


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