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Many users have stumbled on the Instagram temporary ban, in my case in addition to likes and comments I am not allowed to post. Today I will tell you how my mishap started and I give you some advice to contact Instagram support.

instagram temporary banDid you run into the Instagram temporary ban? I can not put likes, comments and even post, for 7 days!

Today I want to share my story with you and give you some advice based on my personal experience.

I’m now at the millionth block and I’m getting impatient because I’m really realizing that while the blog is mine and everything that happens to it depends on me, it’s not the same for social media like Facebook or Instagram where we’re just guests of Mr .Zuckemberg.

Instagram in recent years has become increasingly popular especially as a form of business. I myself work a lot with this social (@selvaggiacapizzi , formerly @dontcallmefashionblogger) even though my fashion blog continues to be the biggest source of income.

Temporary instagram ban, how it started

After the mega update of July 2019 with which Instagram decided to make war with those who use bots to get followers and likes, I made the biggest nonsense in the world. I decided that I was following too many profiles and that I had to delete some of the ones I couldn’t see appearing on my feed. Obviously I did a skimming because Instagram was hiding some profiles that instead interested me (who knows why ….).

At that precise moment who had the password of my account were the contributors of my blog, so about 8 people.

So, armed with healthy patience, I started to defollow some profiles that interested me less. At the same time, knowing that the actions to be done were limited, I avoided following new profiles and I blissfully continued to put likes on the people I follow every day (so to speak, they are my social friends almost or always).

Let it be clear that I did not take massive action, because most of the profiles I followed continued to interest me.

After a few days, Esmeralda has to post to my account and does so by logging in with my credentials.

The next day I get a message telling me to change my password because my account has been compromised. In fact, it seems that I share my password with apps that help me earn followers or I like it. Who? Esmeralda? Is it an app? Can you really give me free followers and likes? I did not know!!!!

Concerned about hacking, I change the password directly from the PC without clicking on the button that appeared on the app and I send the report to the instagram help center without having any response.

Sure to have done everything right I resume my normal activity of likes and comments (in total I put about 30 a day to the profiles with which I interact more).

After a day, the likes, comments and even posting are blocked.

At this point, some colleagues tell me to contact the Facebook advertisers assistance through their chat and finally someone answers me and above all tries to help me.

Facebook Advertiser Assistance responds  for Instagram….

Here are the tips I received from assistance to avoid the Instagram temporary ban:

  • The password must remain in the possession of only one person: done, I publish for the other contributors
  • No unfollow, done
  • No follow (done in one piece)
  • No likes and comments for 24 hours after blocking. Done and I created a private profile to comment on who I follow
  • Always connect from one device only: done

After 48 hours (just to be on the safe side) I start again to put likes and comments with my official profile, 20 at the most.

The next day I am blocked again.

I re-contact the assistance and I am told that they have to have my case examined by the Instagram team and that during the investigation my account could be deactivated. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???????????????????

Is it your fault that I find myself unable to meet work commitments and, while investigating, you block my account? No frigging way!

I waited for unblock and I decided not to comment any more with my official account but only with the private one.

For a couple of weeks things worked until, after using Instagram with the mobile network, I get another password change message that this time I do directly in the frame.

I realize I am being hijacked on a slightly odd Instagram frame and I change again the password from the computer.

After two days I again run into the Instagram temporary ban and the Facebook assistance answers me that they can’t help me anymore and that I have to send the report through the Instagram app. done and obviously I have not received an answer.

So far I’m still stuck, I’m angry, Instagram is not a social network but an antisocial one (you have to be on your own and avoid any contact hahahaha) and increasingly resembles a dictatorship, I’m not free to like or comment or follow who I want but I just have to disappear.

Or maybe it’s a clear sign that I have to adopt sponsorships on Instagram too? I did it once and it has heavily damaged my organic coverage!

So what can we do to avoid the Instagram temporary ban?

Very simple: don’t use Instagram!

I can guarantee you that everything I wrote is true, if I get banned by Instagram you will know why and if, like me, you have been blocked, write to me that we are doing a nice class action 🙂

In the meantime, let’s live the blogs and start to discover the world of Tik Tok!

instagram temporary ban

blocco temporaneo instagram

blocco temporaneo instagram



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