How to print photos on canvas on line

Today I will tell you how to print photos on canvas online quickly and easily. Here is my review on!stampa su tela recensioni

I shoot a lot of photos, not just those for the blog but also personal shots, with my family. Today I will tell you how to print photos on canvas online and have beautiful memories not only on the PC but also at home!

Yes, because now with the advent of digital photography it is increasingly difficult to print photos. The reality is that we keep them on our PC or on the Smartphone forgetting how nice it is to have our photos hanging on the walls of the house.

Looking for how to print photos on canvas online I found a site where you can print our best photos on many different types of support. It’s called and I loved it!

I chose two types of printing for two different photos: a print photo on plexiglass for my husband and the dwarf and a print photo on canvas for me and my son.

The truth is that we have never printed a picture of ourselves and the dramatic reality is that we do not even have a picture of us 3 together.

This is why I chose to print two different photos: one with my two men and another with me and our champion.

For the first photo, taken in Malta, I chose a support in acrylic and aluminum 60 x 40 which is equipped, on the back, with a guide to hang it.

For the second one, taken instead in Crete, I chose the classic 40 x 40 wood.

If you think that printing photos on canvas online is complicated, well you’re wrong. It took me less than 2 minutes to upload the photo and choose the support.

Once ready, the prints are sent to the address you have indicated.

These are two Christmas gifts that I chose to do to my husband and my son, I find it extremely romantic and suitable for the spirit of our family.

There are moments when I regret the dear old film camera, some of you will not even remember, but one of the funniest moments was waiting by the photographer.

Often we were also disappointed because, especially at the beginning, there was no quick printing and, often, it took a week to get the photos. Also two when they had to be enlarged to make paintings.

But what a thrill ….. the printed photo has another appeal undoubtedly.

The advantage of digital photography is that it is now possible to print photos with a very high resolution, whereas, the earlier the photo was enlarged and the more lost resolution.

My two men are very happy with this very unusual Christmas present and this leads me to make a consideration. For Christmas we try to make a gift with the heart and not with anxiety.

come stampare foto su tela on line

how to print photos on canvas on line

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