How to print in an ecological way? A question that I have always asked myself since I worked for many years in a law firm, where I was overwhelmed by mountains of papers and copies too often useless and trashed. How to save paper and toner?Come stampare in modo ecologico

How to print in an ecological way?

The first rule I think is to choose to print as little as possible. However, even if we are now in the Internet age where all documents, deeds, photos can be stored and stored online, we often find ourselves needing paper sheets. And then how to print in an ecological way? I tried to inform myself and I noticed with pleasure that some rules I followed already years ago, when I found myself having to photocopy and print unspeakable quantities of documents that I knew very well would be finished trashed. So instead of throwing everything away, I used those sheets to print drafts and drafts.

Even today I am very careful every time I have to print something. I buy only reams of recycled paper and I follow some very simple rules (which you can find below) so as not to waste the ink of the cartridges and even the sheets of paper.

The right rules on how to print in an ecological way? I have found many online tips that I find very useful and above all very simple to follow. I think we can all do something to protect the environment and our wonderful planet, so take notes and you will not regret it.

Here is the simplest and most practical advice you can follow to print in an ecological way:

We always use recycled paper, there are many types, even the one without chlorine;
– we print only what we actually need;
– we can choose the “draft” mode for unofficial documents;
print in black and white when possible;
– buying toner and cartridges online is more practical and economical than the store;
– Did you know, for example, that there are more ecological printing characters than others? In the first place there is the “Century Gothic”, you save at least 20%;
– Turn off your printer once you have finished working. Always do it, so the cartridge will be protected and you will prevent the ink from drying out!
With small measures we can save money and above all help to protect the nature and the environment that surrounds us.


how to print in an ecological way

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