Family workout, how to spend time during the lockdown

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Capizzi’s family gives you some advice for a  family workout session and having fun together. Zero excuses: thanks to the coronavirus we have a lot of time to train!

coronavirus family workoutTraining at the time of the coronavirus: if it is true that we cannot go out, it is equally true that we now have time to do something special: a fantastic family workout session.

Here are some useful tips from the Capizzi’s family who tried for you some Strong By Zumba classes found on the web.

The result? Exhilarating! Watch this video!

Why a family workout?

Let’s face it: do you have anything else to do? Beyond the time occupied by smart working, it is not that you have other pressing commitments.

And since you can’t go to the gym then take advantage of this free time to be with your loved ones while having fun.

The idea of ​​a family workout session can be a valid alternative to solitary training. Or even an addition as in my case.

I train first alone and then in the family. How to diversify while training with your family.

Very simple: first choose a type of training that you can do all together. Obviously, use the web and Youtube to select the most suitable training video for you.

I initially oriented myself for crossfit but I found very few videos that included a workout without tools and therefore I oriented myself on Strong By Zumba training because it had a series of kickboxing style movements that could also be good for the two boys of my family .

And since we’re crazy, we immediately decided to try the 30-minute workout.

How to turn it into a really fun moment

To have fun, just turn a family workout session into a game and so we did.

After having projected the video lesson on the screen, we decided to place the mobile phone on the tripod and record.

So every (wrong) move we made was immediately displayed on the phone screen and compared to what the trainers did on the screen.

The exercises, I recommend, should be done seriously, but at the same time, between one exercise and another, allow yourself some fun and leisure time like my husband and son did ….. hitting each other hahahaha.

And finally, make a video of your performance and have fun editing it just like I did.

You can see it at the end of this post.

These are not easy days, probably, when we come out we will all have changed.

This pandemic is changing and overturning all values, perhaps it is strengthening us or perhaps not.

What is certain is that we will remember it and that it will be remembered in history as one of the most apocalyptic events in the world …..

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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