Electrolux stain remover pen, our opinion

Today, together with Giorgia Punk, I present you the Electrolux stain remover pen that promises to make your garments look like new. Here are our opinions.penna smacchiante electrolux

Have you ever tried the Electrolux stain remover pen? We have and here are our opinions!

How many of you have happened to go out to dinner and stain your jacket, shirt or trousers with something? Oil, tomato, red wine and so on and so forth!

– “Waiter can you bring me the stain remover?”;

– “Excuse me, can you bring me some baby powder to remove the stain?”

Here are the two most popular phrases that everyone, no one excluded, said at dinner in the restaurant: from now on we will not say more! 🙂

Say goodbye to the old “grandmother’s remedies”, from today there is only the ultrasonic Electrolux stain remover pen that removes all stains, even those of coffee, lipstick, tomato, red wine … in short, it has no rival!

As soon as we arrived the package with Giorgia Punk we immediately got to work and we tried it on a napkin we had soiled, at dinner, with tomato sauce with basil.

Under the dirty napkin we put a white cloth then, with the convenient cap that serves to protect the pen, we poured a mix of water and colorless liquid detergent over the stain.

Once the Electrolux stain remover pen was in charge, Giorgia went to work and began to make circular movements, resting the spherical tip of the pen on the stain.

After just five minutes, the winning mix of water, detergent and ultrasound of the Electrolux stain remover pen slowly made the trace of halo disappearing thanks to the thousands of micro-vibrations that were produced and which melted the particles of the stain.

After having fun with the stain remover pen we made a quick rinse of the napkin and here, everything is back as new, without having ruined the head in the slightest.

Technology has once again met us and from now on there will no longer be any stains that will frighten us!

In fact, thanks to the Electrolux stain remover pen, all our linen, even the most delicate one, will be as bright as before without the risk of ruining our clothes for a simple stain.


electrolux stain remover pen

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