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Today I will tell you how to overcome the fear of animals telling you my story and the relationship between cats and children and especially which breed to choose.Gatti e Bambini

Hi sweeties, have you ever wondered what relationship could exist between cats and children? And above all, there is a particular breed of cat that is more suitable for us children?

This time I decided that I will tell you about my direct experience as a child with my sweet Bengal cat that I called Wild.

As some of you already know, I am lucky to live in a very large house with a boundless and well-kept garden.

But, alas, due to a strange twist of fate, my parents, although lovers of nature and animals, have never allowed me to grow up with a pet … they have always justified this by saying that dogs and cats are too demanding , especially within families where the parents, for work reasons, are not present at home for long periods.

And I grew up, a few months ago, with a crazy fear for everything that moves: any animal, small or large, from the most common species to the most exotic, from the sweetest to the most agitated, has always aroused in me, great fear!

Perhaps the fact of never sharing anything with these animals, the fact of not really knowing them, pushed me to get away and away from me!

Then … one day … the miracle happened!

My father, perhaps moved to compassion, or perhaps aware of having understood my fears and willing to let me overcome, agree with his mother, he showed up at home with a puppy of Bengal cat, wonderful and sweet!

A breed that surely is very suitable for building the relationship between cats and children.

Really a miniature little jaguar! And that’s why I called him Wild.

At first I was terrified … I remember I did not want him to be with us in the kitchen while we were eating, because I was afraid he would bite my feet … he climbed everywhere and mewled so loudly that it scared me!

But nature always hides wonderful surprises … ..and the dialogue between cats and children is something silent, intense and subtle!

It is a daily exchange of effusions, every day that passes more and more intense, more intimate ………

And it is the cat who chooses his master … as if he perceived fear in each of us and wanted to transform it into sweetness and love!

And he chose me … … and I learned to know him and not be afraid … and from that moment on, our relationship has become unique!

Today, after a few months that is with us, we are inseparable: I chase him, I pick him up, caress him and crap him … I often prepare his baby food, kiss him and make fun of it, inventing the funniest things to have fun together!

He has become my playmate and I dedicate all the attention I can … .

Do you still have doubts about the relationship between cats and children? Give it to your child and you will create the most indissoluble bond that can exist!

The bengal cat is definitely a very suitable breed to play with your children.

Thank you for your attention!


Gatti e Bambini

cats and children

Gatti e Bambini

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