cars for women, how to choose the right one

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Women behind the wheel=constant danger: this is what men like to think. The reality is that we drive better than them. And so there are no cars for women and cars for men, only cars that we like and today I show you two!auto per le donne

Today I want to dispel a myth, that there are cars for women, for mothers, for grandmothers or for men.

The car must be like a dress, it must fit perfectly. It has to adapt to our needs and our personality.

So that’s why, some cars, erroneusly considered purely for men are actually also suitable  cars for women!

Or cars considered strictly for families are very suitable for women who always want to be fashionable.

In our trip to Cortina, we at The Fashion Mob were accompanied by a Jeep Compass and a Fiat 500X that, together with us, have climbed the mountains to shoot in these breathtaking places!

Both have a 120-horsepower 1600 cc multi-jet engine

The first test to see if the two cars could actually be considered cars for women was brilliantly passed when, on arrival at the station, Daniel and Edoardo (the two drivers) have solved the equation: 5 fashion bloggers + 1 photographer = 10 suitcases + countless bags.

After some sweating (their, we did not do a thing at all) all the suitcaises squeezed into the two cars!!!

1000 points earned for both cars and the two drivers (one of which is 1.95 m tall).

The two cars (and the two saints at the wheel) then survived various shoots, sudden changes of location, a bee that decided to “kiss” Nadia, a horde of Polish tourists who believed we were models, heels, counter-sticks, sequins etc.

Definitely two cars for women!

And if anyone had doubts about the fact that they are appealing even for a fashion addicted like me …. well … I think that the photos taken by the talented Ariana Currò can easily testify how they both are extremely photogenic and in line with our looks!

So dear women before you say that a Jeep Compass is only for gentlemen or that the Fiat 500X is for mothers with infinite offspring ….. think twice.

I would buy them both! They are just fine with my looks!

Tips of the day

  • Summarizing: do not allow any man to say that you do not know how to drive. And most importantly, all cars are also to be considered cars for women!
  • Tonight cook the chicken nuggets
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Auto per le donne cars for women

auto per le donne

auto per le donne


Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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