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Three women who do not forgive, a mojito and the new literary success of Camilla Lackberg is served by Einaudi, a world premiere. It is not just the plot that hits me, but also the packaging in which it arrived. Curious?donne che non perdonano

In the end all dues must be paid, this is what three women who do not forgive think. In the new book by Camilla Lackberg published in Italy by Einaudi in world premiere we talk about physically and mentally abused women and social redemption.

Donne che non perdonano is a thriller that it can be read in one breath. Between plot twists and feminine solidarity, an intricate maze of emotions, sometimes too extreme, it comes to life.

I had the pleasure to review it and to receive it in a packaging to be discovered and linked to the contents of the book.

All I knew before I got into reading was that I had what I needed to prepare a mojito and some newspapers. What did they have to do with women who do not forgive?

On the cover of the book there is no clue except a sentence: “It is true, she was about to kill a man, but she would also have freed a woman. The algebraic sum of her actions would have been equal to zero. And then another person would have freed her. ”

Intriguing, right?

I read the book in less than an hour, not because it is short but for two specific reasons: I could not put it down because I wanted to understand the basis behind some of the behavior of the protagonists and then because, despite myself, I have the ability to read a page and understand its meaning in a few seconds.

This means that if I like a book, it lasts very little in my hands.

I can not give you spoilers because it would be unfair to those who buy it. But I can tell you a number of things:

  • I did not always find myself in agreement with the protagonists, although I understood their discomfort
  • Not everything runs smoothly as they would like but in the end the dues are paid, at least according to their logic
  • Each character is described in detail so that the reader can decide whether to stand on her side or not
  • They are 3 women who do not forgive. It’s up to you to understand why they can not do it.

Today is the day when Einaudi has decided to release a world premiere, No Swedish or English version has yet been published.

Camilla Lackberg the award-winning Swedish writer, publishes it as a novel in its own right so you do not need to read her previous books to understand the history of this book.

One thing is certain: Swedish authors often know how to write thrillers even better than Americans and are probably also helped by the setting.

And at the end I also discovered what the mojito and the newspapers had to do with it … but you have to find out for yourself. I will not tell you anything !!!

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