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Today I give you some ideas on how to choose the best car insurance avoiding mistakes or, even worse, frauds. Because, in Italy, it is still too easy to run into non-existent insurance companies.

migliore assicurazione auto best car insurance

If you want some useful advice on how to choose the best car insurance you should read this post.

The rates relating to car insurance are constantly increasing: on average, the insurance for a car is priced at 420 euros, but in some areas of Italy it even exceeds 600 euros. Here is the need to save money, avoiding frauds and especially on the web you have to really pay attention. In this post I will give you some tips to choose the best car insurance.

Use the web to save on RC cars

Today we have an exceptional tool for saving money: the web, a real container full of useful options.

In addition to simply checking all prices on the websites of individual insurance companies, you can also find the cheapest car insurance on web comparators such as these portals, in fact, select directly the best offers and compare them on your own site, so as to simplify the choice to users.

Avoid the fraud of non-existent companies

The rush to save, as always, has stirred the attention of the scammers, who have immediately picked up the opportunity to get rich behind the honest citizens. In this sense you have to be very careful about the scams of the phantom insurance companies: the latter offer policies and insurance really cheap and at bargain prices, but then turn out to be completely non-existent companies. That’s why we must first check that the company really exists, just to avoid falling into this dangerous (and expensive) trap.

Additional guarantees: yes or no?

The additional guarantees are undoubtedly an extra cost, but in some cases they are useful and therefore an investment worth considering if you want the best car insurance.

Why choose the RC car with black box?

As for black box insurance, there is currently a procedure to make them mandatory, but at the moment it is up to us to choose whether or not to rely on the solution equipped with a black box. Why is it convenient? Because so the company knows for sure that our guide will be monitored by this electronic device, protecting itself from any scam attempts. In this situation, the company can afford to lower the cost of their insurance a little: on the basis of statistical surveys, on average it is possible to save around 100 euros each year.

I hope these tips on how to choose the best auto insurance are useful!

migliore assicurazione auto

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