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Are you ready to discover with me the best beaches in Crete? Yes, because without a good guide you risk a lot! Today I will tell you where to go and especially what to expect!

Good morning from Crete, today let’s go together to discover the best beaches in Crete!

I decided to write this post because although there are many articles on the best beaches in Crete, nobody really talks about what you have to expect.

Here is a semi-serious story of the four best beaches in Crete according to the (un) fashion blogger!

Balos Lagoon

It is an immense lagoon with shallow and crystalline waters, located in the northwest part of Crete.

The sand is clear and fine (sometimes pink) and the seabed is very low.

A thread of sand divides the lagoon from the open sea but in both cases the color of the water is turquoise.

The beach is partially equipped with sun beds and umbrellas and there is also a bar.

Of the Balos lagoon I could speak for hours but I will try to summarize the salient points.

It is worth to see it once. Because you will not get to the second one.

To reach the lagoon it is necessary to follow a 7 km long dirt road where on the left you will have the mountain and on the right ….. the cosmic nothing!!!

If you pass this test you will arrive at the beginning of the descent of about 1.5 km in length that will take you to the lagoon.

Here you will find horses and donkeys waiting for you and you will wonder why the cute equine & co are found here. Keep this question for later.

At this point you start to go down the 750,000,000 steps and do not think about the return.

As soon as you arrive at the beach, make the sign of the cross to find the place where to put the towel.

Because, together with you, there will be the whole island, their uncles and 5 of their closest friends! The barbarian horde!

Assume that finally you can place yourself in the sun and you want to dive into the sea or take a nice walk in the shallow waters of the lagoon ….. get ready to jostle like in the disco!

After a day at the sea it will be time to go back …. do you remember the 750,000,000 steps?

Here, now you have to do it uphill for 1.5 km.

After the first 500 m you will wonder if what you are seeing is a hallucination or it is really St. Peter who is giving you the keys to Heaven.

At km 0.6 you will find the horses and you will understand why the buzzards are all right! Too bad that up with the cute animals costs as much as a kidney.

If you, like me, decide to continue your ascent on foot envying those who do it on horseback know that at km 1 you will curse the day when you thought about going to visit one of the best beaches in Crete and at km 1 , 5 you will invoke a cataclysm that drains the lagoon!

best beaches in crete


Also located in the northwest part of Crete it is really a spectacular beach with ample parking ….. that will be FULL!

Do you remember those of Balos? You will find them here too!

Pink sand (what little is left), shallow waters, crystal clear sea and sometimes turquoise!

The beach is equipped and there are plenty of bars. But there are also many free traits.

My suggestion is to cross the sea and get on the peninsula you will see in front of you. You will find fewer people and then there are many deserted sandy coves at the back.



Located in the Northwest it is a long and deep sandy tongue with crystal clear waters and bright colors.

It was love at first sight.

The beach is equipped and above all …. deserted! Like sheep they are all in Balos (probably because they can not go up) and Elafonisi.

The parking is convenient and with the car you arrive directly in front of the beach.

It is really worth it!

migliori spiagge di creta


Unmissable, little mentioned among the best beaches in Crete and misinterpreted.

Triopetra is located in the south of the island. It is a long and deep beach with equipped parts and two bars. Parking is right in front of the beach.

The sand is light gray in coarse grains and the water is simply fantastic, transparent and slightly colder than in Elafonisi.

Only precaution: always take information on the wind and do not go when there is the Meltemi.

We did it and we were “impaled” by the grenade-style sand grains!

But, I repeat, it’s really worth it!

best beaches in crete

Tips of the day

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hi Francesca
    Well i m impressed by yours bikinis. You are in great shape. And the beaches are stunning and loved the color of the water.
    Yesterday i went to the beach to take some photos there are so many people, but so many people so i give up. I want to show my bikini too ah! I dont know when!@
    But i m not going to Creete today i m going to the hospital, omg, but i loved your invitation

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