Aosta and surroundings in three days

Aosta and surroundings in three days. Just enough time to get away from the frenzy of the big city and catapult into a small world that is all to be experienced, among delightful streets full of shops, bars, monuments and a breathtaking nature.Aosta e dintorni

Aosta and surroundings in three days to look for peace, relaxation and even a little cool temperature. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not really love the heat, so the idea of ​​going a few days in the mountains at the end of September seemed to me a very good idea.

So, my knight and I have chosen to visit Aosta and surroundings in three days, making a quick stop in Turin (I talked about it here).

With us, of course, there was our little Uffa and so we decided to take a rented apartment to be more comfortable and free. And in fact we had a great time. The owner was very kind and always available for anything. And thanks to his advice we were able to visit Aosta and surroundings in three days and even to go shopping!

The first thing we did was walk downtown, where it is all pedestrian area, so convenient, especially with Uffa in tow. There are delicious souvenir shops where it is impossible not to buy something. I fell in love with the bells, those of the grazing cows. There are all sizes, painted with hearts and flowers!

Since then, the cool I was hoping to find was not there, in fact there were 30 degrees and I had brought only things too heavy, I was forced to enter a store and buy something lighter!

Do you like the dress I have in the picture?

Aosta and surroundings in three days … that’s what we managed to visit.

First of all I did not know that Aosta, or Augusta Pretoria, is called the Rome of the Alps as it was founded by the Romans in 25 BC. For this reason the most important monuments to visit are precisely the Arch of Augustus, the Roman Theater, a true masterpiece of Roman architecture. Very impressive and of great visual impact. The Porta Pretoria, which was the main entrance to the city, the forensic cryptoporticus and the Roman bridge.

Also worth visiting is the Collegiata di Sant’Orso and its beautiful cloister. Between one visit and the other you can relax in one of the numerous cafes or bars and taste DOC wines accompanied by excellent cold cuts and of course the most famous cheese of Valle d’Aosta, the DOP fontina!

One day we moved to go to visit one of the many castles that can be found in the vicinity of Aosta. We have chosen the Castle of Fénis. Very impressive already from afar. It is impressive and well preserved, so very impressive and interesting to visit. Even Uffa appreciated. she was very good in her purse. To reward it, we decided to take it for a while in the meadows, so we headed to Cogne, in the heart of the Gran Paradiso National Park. A delightful village, made of houses and huts overflowing with flowers.

Finally we also stopped at the nearby Lillaz waterfalls. Very suggestive, pity that I did not have the swimsuit with me, because I would have dived to take a shower under the waterfalls, even if the water was definitely freezing!

Aosta and surroundings in three days, as you will have understood, is a small holiday that offers moments of relaxation, culture, shopping, excellent cuisine and much more … how to follow the footsteps of Rocco Schiavone !!!


aosta e dintorni

aosta e dintorni

aosta and surroundings in three days

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