A trip to Boa Vista is the antidote to the cold and the routine of the winter months thanks to its tropical climate and the endless beaches.

A trip to Boa Vista, one of the 18 volcanic islands that form the archipelago of Cape Verde, is ideal for relaxing in nature. It is located about 500 km from the coasts of Senegal and for the moment it is the only tourist island together with Sal and Santiago.

If you have a week available, a trip to Boa Vista is ideal for the great variety of landscapes and for the many excursions in nature.

Sal Rei is the characteristic capital, with a fascinating port and many streets with colorful buildings. It is the main center where you will find small shops and restaurants. Any trip to Boa Vista passes here.

The island is not only known for its beautiful beaches and turquoise, blue, green sea but also for the Viana desert and volcanic landscapes.

It is also the third reserve in the world for the number of turtles housed. In all there are 5 species that lay their eggs every year. A spectacle of nature that alone deserves a trip to Boa Vista.

During the trip to Boa Vista, do not miss a ride in quads on the soft white dunes of the Viana desert. During the excursion you will cross beaches and ancestral views dotted with baobabs and tamarinds, dates and volcanic rocks.

Then reach the wreck of Santa Maria, the ship that has been stranded for decades now lying on a long and white beach.

Other memorable beaches are Praia da Chaves, Curral Velho, Ervatao and Varandinha with caves created by the action of wind and waves.

Continue your trip to Boa Vista with a visit to the colonial countries Provoaçao Velha, the first Portuguese settlement on the island and Bofareira with its colorful houses.

A trip to Boa Vista is also excellent cuisine and delicious flavors. The typical dish is Cachupa made with potatoes, cassava, boiled corn, beans, fish or meat. Excellent also the Pasteis, fried fish wrapped in a dough and the Moreia, that is the fried moray. Tuna croquettes and papaya and coconut desserts are also very tasty. Instead, the typical drink, the grogue, is based on sugar cane, while the wine has a long tradition, starting from the colonial period.

Then reach the Caribbean beach of Santa Monica and relax while waiting for the next stop, Morro de Areja. It is a nature reserve where you can admire the purple heron, albatross and osprey.

A trip to Boa Vista means to immerse yourself in nature, in the wide uncontaminated spaces and in the paradisiacal landscapes.

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