What to see in Bordeaux in a weekend

Let’s go to the Atlantic coast of France to discover one of its most interesting cities, here’s what to see in Bordeaux in a weekend!

For the trips to Europe chronicles today I will tell you what to see in Bordeaux in a weekend. The French city, during its millennial history, has experienced moments of splendor that have alternated with periods of decline.

Since Roman times, the city has concentrated its wealth around port activities and the production of the homonymous wine famous all over the world.

Let’s find out what to see in Bordeaux in a weekend of culture and good wine

The city tour of Bordeaux cannot fail to start from its historic center made up of around 350 buildings, declared Unesco heritage in 2007.

The whole area is pedestrianized and it is a real pleasure to stroll through its human-sized streets among covered galleries, shops and restaurants.

One of the main streets is Rue Sainte Catherine, one of the longest shopping streets in Europe, which connects Place de la Comedie to Place de la Victoire.

From this main artery it is easy to reach other places of interest such as the Cathedral of Saint André, one of the stops on the Way to Santiago de Compostela. The facade and the two towers are in Romanesque style.

The five chapels are from a later period, as is the Pey Berland Tower which dates back to the 1400s.

The bell tower is an integral part of the Cathedral although it is a completely detached building.

From its almost 70 meters high you can admire a beautiful panorama of the city.

Bordeaux is surrounded by gates built in medieval times and then rebuilt in later periods.

One of these is the Grosse Cloche, the large bell of the fifteenth century so called because it weighs 7800 kilos, located inside the Saint Eloi gate.

This entrance was also a stop for pilgrims heading to Spain as well as another imposing church, the Basilica of San Michel.

In flamboyant Gothic style, it is characterized by a tower with a bell tower separated from the main building.

With over 110 meters in height it is one of the highest in France.

In addition to the historic center, what to see in Bordeaux in a weekend?

Certainly its symbol, Place de la Bourse and the Miroi d’eau, a 3500 square meter body of water in which the surrounding historic buildings are reflected.

The square with the Chamber of Commerce building was the place where the price of wine was negotiated.

It is beautiful both during the day when it is besieged by athletes along the Garonne River, and in the evening when the lights of monuments shine in the water.

It is a very scenic place where some majestic administrative buildings and the Customs Museum are concentrated.

Nearby is one of the largest squares in Europe, place de Quinconces, with the monument dedicated to the Girondins.

From here take a walk along the river, in the area that until a few years ago was intended for warehouses for the goods of the port.

These characteristic red brick buildings are now reserved for sport, culture and entertainment.

If you find yourself in these parts on Sunday, in the Chartrons neighborhood, a market is held where you can buy everything.

To reach the other side of the river and relax in the botanical garden, you can cross the scenic Pont de Pierre.

Near place de la Bourse there is also one of the most beautiful opera houses in Europe, the magnificent Grand Theater, built in neoclassical style.

The main facade is supported by majestic columns topped with statues depicting the arts, while the fabulous interiors are in blue, white and gold.

Bordeaux, city of art and good food

If you love art, don’t miss the Museum of Fine Arts with a large collection of works from the Renaissance to 1900.

It is possible to admire paintings by Titian, Rubens, Renoir, Matisse and Picasso.

Before returning, visit the Cité du vin and the attached museum.

You will be fascinated by the huge display of wines from all over the world.

And enjoy some on the terrace.

The city is also famous for its cuisine which includes land dishes such as duck, salami, truffles and foie gras and seafood dishes such as oysters, salmon and caviar, all flavored with one of the many types of Bordeaux.

Now that you know what to see in Bordeaux on a weekend, are you ready to go?

cosa vedere a bordeaux in un weekend

cosa vedere a bordeaux in un weekend

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what to see in Bordeaux

what to see in Bordeaux

what to see in Bordeaux


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