The flu has arrived! And if you have also been hit here is what to eat with a fever to feel better and heal faster.cosa mangiare con la febbre

As every year, since the end of December, the epidemic flu peak has arrived. If you are a victim of the flu, here’s what to eat with a fever. Yes, because the wrong thing is not to eat and drink while you have the flu. I’ll explain why.

The flu shows up with a high fever, even up to 39.5-40 °, which lasts a few days, tending to fall after the third day.

Widespread joint pain, malaise, irritating cough. High fever can cause headache and nausea. … in short, a real disaster!

What to eat with a fever in order to address and alleviate all these annoying symptoms?

First of all, let’s see first what the general recommendations are.

So much rest and warmth.

Secondly, symptomatic therapy is useful, especially for lowering fever and reducing joint pains: get advice from your family doctor … in these days I do nothing but give advice to my patients !!!

But my recommendation is to use an antipyretic and not an anti-inflammatory.

Finally, we need a proper diet to replenish the mineral salts that are lost through sweating and that supports our immune system to defeat the disease.

Let’s see what to eat with a fever:

– It is very important to drink to rehydrate. We can alternate water with tea, chamomile, herbal teas and citrus juices: oranges, tangerines. They are fruits rich in potassium and vitamin C. The latter is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. We can also use a home-made herbal tea made with hot water, ginger, honey and lemon juice.

Ginger has a good anti-nausea action. This is something that few know but I guarantee that it works great.

– lunch and dinner must be light meals.

At lunch a soup in vegetable broth, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and Parmesan cheese. It is a first digestible dish, which we can accompany with cooked vegetables and fruit.

At dinner you can have bread, a portion of white meat or fish accompanied by cooked vegetables and fruit.

– In the evening drink a glass of warm milk and honey … old grandmother’s remedy, always useful to relieve discomfort in the throat and cough.

Good recovery to all!

Daniela Pesaresi

cosa mangiare con la febbre

cosa mangiare con la febbre

cosa mangiare con la febbre

what to eat with a fever

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Daniela Pesaresi

Daniela Pesaresi

Nutrizione e benessere, medicina, healthy food blogger Sono Daniela, amica di Francesca, e sono un medico. Mi diverto in cucina e sono messa a dura prova quotidianamente da due figli e un marito che mangiano in quantità, e che vogliono la qualità. La mia specializzazione è l’endocrinologia, e questo mi ha permesso di coltivare da molti anni la passione per l’alimentazione sana…ma senza fare a meno del gusto! Questa è la mia prima esperienza in un blog. Cercherò di suggerirvi un modo corretto ed equilibrato di mangiare, per il benessere del nostro corpo e, perché no, per la cura del nostro aspetto. Non è difficile mangiare sano, spero di convincervi!

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