Stew with peas in a pressure cooker

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We start the new year with a nice recipe on Sunday and not only ….. here is the stew with peas in pressure cooker.

Given the still winter time I thought of something warm and substantial more precisely to a stew with peas in a pressure cooker, as in my usual recipe very simple to cook and above all fast.


Well yes, this time too for the stew with peas we will use our indispensable and now the “Pressure Cooker” in the kitchen.

The meat that we will use for the stew with peas in a pressure cooker will be the pork. I guarantee that cooking in a pressure cooker will make it so tender that it will look like veal.

This recipe is really simple, easy and fast and with few ingredients the success of a good dish is assured. Then ready for the stew with peas in pressure cooker !!!

Ingredients for 4/5 people (we abound):

1 kg of pork stew;

¾ glass of water;

1 nut;

1 clove of garlic;

300 gr of very fine peas;

Pepper as needed.;



extra virgin olive oil.

To prepare the stew with peas in a pressure cooker first we must sauté in a pan with about 4/5 tablespoons of oil and a clove of garlic the stew over medium heat, season with pepper, rosemary (not too much) and salt.


As soon as they are well browned, transfer everything into the pressure cooker, removing the garlic and crumble the nut over the stew and add the water.


dadoSeason with salt and cover with the lid. From the whistle count 25 minutes. After the time have vented and open the lid as soon as the safety valve has lowered and add the peas, add salt if necessary and cover again with the lid.

piselliRaise the flame and whistle to pass another 5/6 minutes (I pass 10 because I prefer that the peas melt a bit ‘but it is a personal taste).

And here in less than no time (35 minutes) our stew with peas in a pressure cooker is ready. Enjoy your meal!!

stew with peas

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Irene Basso

Irene Basso

Food blogger Mamma sempre di corsa......che come un giocoliere tenta sempre di tenere tutto in equilibrio!!! Mi piace tantissimo cucinare soprattutto cibi della nostra tradizione culinaria. Quindi piatti semplici ma rivisitati che hanno il sapore della cucina delle nostre nonne ma con un tocco in più.

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