Dear celiacs or gluten intolerant today I tell you the secret to prepare a soft focaccia without gluten !! You don’t believe it? Read here!focaccia morbida senza glutine

Have you ever managed to prepare a soft focaccia without gluten?

For me it had become a mirage now! I had abandoned all hope and I did not think I could find a recipe with the right mix of ingredients in order to prepare a soft focaccia without gluten at home as an alternative to bread.

In general, gluten-free replacement flours are the nemesis of softness. The focaccia prepared with this type of flour are often hard and even a little bit bitter.

For the recipe of soft focaccia without gluten I have to thank Tamara Altea, a person with decades of experience in catering, think that for the New Year’s Eve dinner was kind enough to prepare this delicious soft focaccia without gluten as an alternative to bread.

Only the fact of having cooked taking into account my intolerances was a commendable gesture, if we then add the fact that the dishes were also tasty I let you imagine in which positive atmosphere I started the new year.

I’m an incredible romantic, I know, but it’s the small gestures that make the difference, a bit like the small details that transform trivial objects into works of art.

But now we come to the recipe kindly unveiled by my dear friend Tamara, I tried it only once but I must say that the result was satisfactory, I hope with a little training to be able to improve it.

Ingredients for a soft focaccia without gluten:

500 gr of potatoes

500 gr mix of gluten-free flour (universal or for pizza)

1/2 gluten-free yeast cake

1 teaspoon of sugar

1 teaspoon of salt

220 ml of warm water

30 ml extra virgin olive oil


Boil and then mash the potatoes, then add the flour.

In a container dissolve the yeast with warm water and sugar, then pour into the mixture of potatoes and flour.

Mix well, add oil and finally salt, continue working with your hands or a planetary mixer.

Cover the dough with the transparent film and place in a warm place, let rise for at least two hours, until the dough doubles its volume.

Finally grease a baking pan and pour the dough, spread it with your hands creating deep imprints with fingertips where you can add half-finished cherry tomatoes, aromas such as rosemary, oregano, or tomato sauce, capers, anchovies.

Let it rise again half an hour before baking 200 °. Cooking is about 30 minutes.

The soft focaccia without gluten is good simple to replace bread, or seasoned with cold cuts for a snack. You can freeze it and consume it if necessary, in short, after a little training with leavening I feel quite satisfied. And what do you think?

Enjoy your meal



focaccia senza glutine

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