Risotto with broccoli, brie and speck

Let’s start March with a recipe that closes the winter and opens the door to spring … a risotto with broccoli, brie and crispy speck, obviously cooked in a pressure cooker.


Also this time I present you a simple, fast and great taste recipe. The risotto with broccoli, brie and crispy speck, cooked in a pressure cooker, is a different recipe, new and tasty to take to our tables.

When we talk about vegetables I will never get tired of advising you to use seasonal vegetables and in this case I used the last broccoli from my garden to close this winter !!! (let’s hope)

In fact this recipe was born one evening, returning home, after a long day of work, in the fridge there were only a few things an envelope with broccoli from the garden, various cheeses including brie and a packet of speck and then … the nothing … I am assailed by a great despair … .another sandwich NO !! … then I decide to experiment and what I do I take my pressure cooker and I start to traffic !!! I put in front of me what I had and I start to cook … the result … great very tasty risotto, a risotto with broccoli, brie and crispy speck !!!

Are you ready then to try your hand at this new recipe of risotto cooked in a pressure cooker with broccoli, brie and crispy speck?

Ingredients for 4 people for the risotto:

1 Roman broccoli;

1 clove of garlic;

3 ½ ladlefuls of long grain Ribe Parboiled rice (preferably of good quality);

8 ½ ladles of water;

200 gr of Brie;

50 gr parmesan;

1 ½ speck


extra virgin olive oil;

Let’s start by washing and cutting the Roman broccoli.

broccoloMeanwhile in the pressure cooker, sauté a clove of garlic and the oil, then add the broccoli, a few tablespoons of water, the salt and make it tasteless for a few minutes.

broccolo Now remove the garlic clove, add the rice and toast it, also for a few minutes.


At this point crumble the nut in the rice and add 8 ½ ladles of water, season with salt, close the pressure cooker and cook for 5 minutes from the whistle.

risoAfter 5 minutes, turn off the heat and allow the pressure cooker to vent. As soon as the valve is lowered open the lid of the pressure cooker, at this point you will notice that on the surface there will be a layer of water, mix with a wooden spoon and first add the parmesan and then the diced brie and let it melt a little ‘.

risotto with broccoli brie

Now let the rice rest and in the meantime, in a non-stick pan, brown the speck cut into strips.

The time has come to compose our dish. Put the rice on the plate and add the crispy speck on top. And your risotto with broccoli, brie and speck is ready.

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Irene Basso

Irene Basso

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