potato pie in pressure cooker

Today I present the quick potato pie in a pressure cooker, without using the Bimby. A quick and easy recipe, indeed very fast, with great success and taste.

ingredientiThe quick potato pie in a pressure cooker is a savory dinner, you can prepare very well the day before to be eaten the next day.

At home, the potato pie or flan was the dish that my mother did the least once a week … had arrived “Thursday gnocchi” … a certainty …

But with the frenetic pace of life we ​​have today who has time to prepare this recipe? And here is my desire not to lose the culinary traditions has meant that I find a solution .. what? Use our pressure cooker

You will discover with this recipe that making a quick potato pie in a pressure cooker has never been so easy.

Get ready … this is just the beginning of a season in which the use is a lot for a pressure for our recipes !!! We start immediately with a nice warm up …


1200 kg of yellow potatoes;

1 glass of water;

1 ½ teaspoon of coarse salt;

4 tablespoons of Parmesan;

30 gr. of butter;

200 gr. diced ham;

2 mozzarella;

2 teaspoons of chives.

To prepare our potato pie in quick pressure cooker we start with the peel and wash the potatoes, then cut into medium sized cubes and put them in the pressure cooker.

tortino di patate

tortino di patateAdd the water and salt, mix well and close the lid and whist for 10 minutes (if the potatoes you use are particularly hard to lengthen the cooking time).

After 10 minutes, vent the pressure cooker and with the help of a whisk start to mix the potatoes, without draining the water, until it becomes a cream.

tortino di patate

tortino di patate You can use this process simply to make mashed potatoes, it’s a simple, fast, easy system and few tools are dirty.

At this point put the butter and let it mix, then add the Parmesan cheese, the diced ham and the chives. Mix well with a wooden spoon.

The preparation of your quick potato pie in a pressure cooker is half the work !!!

tortino di patate

tortino di patate

tortino di patateGrease or oil (as you prefer) an oven dish and sprinkle with breadcrumbs (you can also use a muffin pan). Remove the excess breadcrumbs by turning the pan upside down. With the help of a wet spoon begin to make a first layer of cake, leveling it well.

Now make a layer of mozzarella, previously cut into cubes, and cover it with another layer of cake, always helping you with a wet spoon. This will ensure that the cake does not stick to the spoon and make it easier to spread it.

tortino di patate

tortino di patateFinally sprinkle the surface of our potato pie with another breadcrumbs and sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil or butter nuts.

tortino di patate

potato piePut in the oven and cook for 20/30 minutes. As the surface becomes golden, the quick potato pie in a pressure cooker is ready.

Enjoy your meal!!!!

tortino di patate veloce

tortino di patate veloce

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