pasta and chickpeas in a pressure cooker

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I present a classic home made soup … a delicious pasta and chickpeas in a pressure cooker, this time we will not use the Thermomix !!!

Today I propose pasta and chickpeas in a pressure cooker, this is a dish of our tradition with many nutritional properties that are combined with cereals.


The pasta and chickpeas in my house was prepared very often at least once a week, it was my mother’s favorite dish, and its long cooking made her smell spread throughout the house! I still smell the soup that brings me back in time and family memories.

It was the dish par excellence that warmed you on cold winter evenings.

I have always seen it as a slow dish both in its preparation and in its cooking and the care that my mother takes in making her enchant me. He prepared a kitchen gauze that served as a bag for the smells, this in order not to disperse them in cooking, and put celery, carrot, onion, garlic and a sprig of rosemary, closed it and dipped it in the water of the pot with chickpeas (soaked for 24 hours), from there began cooking over low heat that lasted about two hours !!!

Today, however, who has enough time to spend for a cooking like that? I personally do not have … but I found a wonderful solution … which one? Cooking pasta and chickpeas in a pressure cooker

The cooking times of pasta and chickpeas in a pressure cooker

and chickpeas are reduced and cooking is a high temperature, it destroys in an excellent way the harmful substances present in the raw seed of legumes.

Always remember that before putting everything on the soaked legume they must be rinsed well and in plenty of cold water to remove all external impurities.

As for the soaking time it is 24 hours, this is because the soaking in cold water for 24 hours allows to have a sprouting, and this is their nutritional value.

In my pasta and chickpeas there will not be pasta but barley !!!

And now try our pasta and chickpeas in a pressure cooker!!!


Ingredients for 4 people:

250 gr. of dried chickpeas;

1 small onion;

1 celery coast;

2 carrots;

1 sprigs of rosemary;

1.8 liters of water

200 gr of pearl barley.

Salt to taste. (about two teaspoons of coarse salt.)

EVO oil q.b.

We start by rinsing the chickpeas very well in cold water. Put them in a fairly large bowl and cover them with water for twice their volume. Now let them soak for 24 hours.



After 24 hours rinse the vegetables again and place them in the pressure cooker with two carrots, a celery stalk, a small onion and two sprigs of rosemary, add 1.8 liters of cold water and a drop of extra virgin olive oil.

pentola a pressione

At this point cover with the lid of the pressure cooker and whistl cook for 20/30 minutes (depending on the quality of the chickpeas, the more they are of good quality and the more they cook easily).


As soon as the cooking time is over, drain the pot, open the lid and remove from the soup about 500 gr of cooked chickpeas, carrots, celery, onion and rosemary sprigs. Blend the chickpeas and the two carrots with two ladles of soup broth with the help of a minipimer until creamy and put aside, we will use it at the end of barley cooking.



Rinse the pearl barley under running water to remove impurities and then place it in the soup remaining inside the pressure cooker, close the lid and cook for 20 minutes from the whistle.


Just after 20 minutes vent the pressure cooker, open the lid and add the cream of chickpeas previously blended. Mix everything very well and serve our soup seasoned with a drizzle of Evo oil raw.

I hope this recipe pasta and chickpeas in a pressure cooker

warms up your winter dinners as it has warmed them up and still warms them up to me !!!

pasta e ceci

Enjoy your meal!!!!

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Irene Basso

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