Octopus salad in a pressure cooker

How to amaze your relatives and friends with an ad hoc cooked octopus? Easy, with a pressure cooker !!! And so today I present to you the recipe of the octopus salad in a pressure cooker.

Insalata di polpo in pentola a pressione ingredienti

Could I greet you for the holidays without proposing a recipe with a pressure cooker? I would say NO !!!!  So here is the octopus salad in a pressure cooker.

I love the octopus salad but like all of us everyone has their own tastes and the recipe that I propose today is the recipe of the octopus salad in a pressure cooker as I like it!

So let’s start immediately with the recipe.

Ingredients for the octopus salad in a pressure cooker

1 octopus of 1 kg;

2 carrots;

the heart of celery;


1 lemon;

Extra virgin olive oil

Preparation of the salad with octopus

To prepare the octopus salad in a pressure cooker, we start by peeling a carrot, washing a rib of celery and parsley and placing them in the bottom of the pressure cooker.

Then rinse the already cleaned octopus under running water, that is without bag, eyes and beak, but it is usually done by the fishmonger. Just double check it before starting to cook!

Now put the octopus in the pressure cooker and cover it completely with water, add a little salt and cover with the lid. Cook for 20 minutes from the whistle.

Once the time is up, turn off the heat and let the pressure cooker vent on its own.

While waiting, we prepare the carrot cut into julienne strips, the heart of the celery into thin slices, the very finely chopped parsley and finally squeeze a lemon.

Once the valve has lowered open the lid and leave the octopus in the water until it is completely cooled.

It takes a few hours in these cases to prepare the evening for the next day.

Remove a ladle of octopus cooking water and set it aside. Now that the octopus has cooled we take it out of the pressure cooker and peel it as in the video.

Place it on a cutting board and make slices.

In a bowl, add the parsley, carrots, celery, lemon juice and plenty of olive oil to the octopus. Mix everything and put in the fridge to let it flavor.

Your octopus salad  in a pressure cooker is ready !!

Enjoy your meal!!!

octopus salad in a pressure cooker

Tips of the day

  • The octopus salad is a tasty, healthy and balanced dish from a nutritional point of view
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