Niko Sinisgalli top chef in Rome

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Niko Sinisgalli, Executive Chef at the Ristorante Tazio in Rome, offers a new experience at the enchanting setting of the Posh Bar & Restaurant terrace.location

I had the pleasure of attending the event of Chef Niko Sinisgalli at the Terrace Posh of the Naiadi palace in Rome in the central Piazza della Repubblica.

Niko Sinisgalli is considered one of the most qualified chefs in the contemporary Italian scene.

Niko Sinisgalli

Niko Sinisgalli

In his dishes you can skilfully blend ancient aromas with innovative elements, recalling a past still alive and blending it with modern insights. In his dishes tells the love for his culinary history but his touch of genius and innovation.

The winning combination between the chef’s kitchen and the location is unrivaled …. The rooftop terrace with swimming pool, elegantly furnished and cared for in every small detail, from which you can admire the sunset on the domes of Rome and if you look down the splendid Piazza della Repubblica. All accompanied by a background of music that enchants you, relaxes you and captivates you. An ideal setting for romantic dinners or to celebrate a special moment.



In the kitchen of Chef Niko Sinisgalli emerges a continuous research of raw materials, a search made of high quality regional excellences. The appetizers stand out for the intensity and cleanliness of the flavors where the white color predominates. The mozzarella is the master in all its forms and types together with ricotta.


Then to break the taste of the earth comes the taste of the sea with the crispy shrimp with velvety sauce.

antipastoWhile with the first courses you enter a world where acidity, freshness and flavor are the pleasure of taste.

Lemon risotto with tuna tartar a dish that we can readjust to our kitchen. A fresh and appetizing dish. Then follow another first of the Italian tradition, the orecchiette with pachino sauce and smoked pecorino a delight for the palate for its creaminess and strong flavor.



In the latter comes the explosion of the sea enhanced by the cooking technique and knowing how to mix the elements.

Niko Sinisgalli

secondoA special event where the harmony of flavor and the elegance of the dishes and the location have made the evening unique and unforgettable. An evening full of taste, good food made of ancient history, innovation and technique all in an elegant and modern setting with a window on ancient Rome.

fotro finaleSee you at the next event !!!!

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Irene Basso

Irene Basso

Food blogger Mamma sempre di corsa......che come un giocoliere tenta sempre di tenere tutto in equilibrio!!! Mi piace tantissimo cucinare soprattutto cibi della nostra tradizione culinaria. Quindi piatti semplici ma rivisitati che hanno il sapore della cucina delle nostre nonne ma con un tocco in più.

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  1. Hello
    I admire those who do this kind of work, it’s the same as I do, tell the story of our ancestors putting this story with what we live today, or with some innovation. I’m never just telling the story, many have done it better than me. This chef does this with the food, I think it’s super interesting, and still with such a location, with that sunset and good music, I’m already delighted, but I just admire the beauty of the photos, because I couldn’t eat ohhhhh
    Lots of love

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