How to increase muscle mass quickly

Today we will see how to increase muscle mass quickly and reduce fat mass. One of the most frequent requests from both athletes and overweight people!

Who has not sought advice on google to improve their physical appearance and how to increase muscle mass quickly? Or how to follow a healthier diet to reduce body fat? Be careful!! Not everything that is on google is tried or is really healthy!

My advice to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat is to follow the diet made by a nutritionist or a doctor. Don’t follow the diets of the moment or in fashion … sometimes they cause damage to your health! The pounds shed wil be gained back in a short time because no fat mass was lost, but lean mass.

To transform fat into muscle it is essential to do regular sports, combined with a high-protein diet.

Many factors influence this change: age, sex, physique, diet and type of training.
Women have a lower percentage of muscle mass than men. Long-limbed people have greater difficulty in developing muscle mass compared to the short or normal heights.

As we age it is more difficult to increase muscle mass. But let’s not get discouraged! At every age and for every type of structure there is a proper diet and a specific workout!

Fundamental is the role of training, which must be continuous and gradual. The loads must increase progressively and consistently.

Here, for example, is how to have fab abs even at 40.

And if instead you need to feel the rhythm of the music here are the Zumba lessons with Beto Perez.

And now we come to the diet! If you work hard in the gym we will have to increase the amount of calories daily. But since muscles are made of protein we will have to increase the protein content of our food primarily. The amount of protein in a healthy person who wants to increase their muscle mass should not exceed 2 g per kg of weight per day. Beyond this amount, kidney damage can occur.

Therefore, both at lunch and at dinner, proteins such as meat, fish, low-fat cold cuts, eggs and seafood must be taken. A very useful recipe is for example the cod fillet with lemon and thyme.

For the rest, to maintain a balanced diet, remember that we are omnivorous animals … that is, we must eat a little of everything. So carbohydrates, fats and lots of fruits and vegetables. To increase muscle mass, we give a little more space to proteins.

Meals should be small and frequent: three main meals and two snacks. This helps the metabolism burn calories.

It is important to take plenty of water to promote kidney function.

To check the amount of lean mass in our body (muscle), impedance measurement is used. This test can tell us if we bought muscle and how much fat is instead.

Have a great training session and I eat lots of protein, less carbohydrates, less fat.

Daniela and Damiano @damianorossi_

come aumentare massa muscolare

how to increase muscle weightcome aumentare massa muscolare



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