Homemade yogurt … easy and delicious! To be used as a breakfast, snack or a sweet treat at the end of a meal. It is very good, healthy and easy to do.yogurt fatto in casa

Homemade yogurt is a very easy recipe! Today I will show you how to prepare it with few steps.

Yogurt is a food obtained from the bacterial fermentation of milk. Any type of milk can be used to produce it. It provides us with essential nutrients for our bones. It is in fact rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. In 100 grams of whole white yogurt there are 65 Kcal, so it is an ideal food in slimming diets for low caloric intake. In yogurt we also find vitamin B12 and other B vitamins.
The bacteria used for the yogurt fermentation are able to “digest” the lactose, so even the lactose intolerant can eat yogurt.
The virtues of yogurt are known in antiquity: it was used by Romans, Greeks and Phoenicians as food with healing properties.
We can certainly say that yogurt is useful for regularizing intestinal function, rebalancing the intestinal microbiota, that is the set of intestinal bacteria that coexist with us and cooperate with our body. Prevents osteoporosis and intestinal infections.
To prepare homemade yogurt you need a yogurt maker, which maintains the right milk temperature for the development of bacteria.

Here are the doses:
1 liter of pasteurized milk
Live lactic ferments to be purchased in pharmacies 1 gr
Two tablespoons of sugar
Mix everything, place in yogurt maker and leave 12 hours.
We can add fruit, cereal or honey yogurt to make it even better!
Good healthy breakfast to all with your personally homemade yogurt!!!

yogurt fatto in casa

homemade yogurt

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Daniela Pesaresi

Daniela Pesaresi

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