Gluten free pasta, an easy recipe

Do you want to cook nice and tasty gluten free pasta that does not overcook and does not lose elasticity at the first bite? Here is the recipe for pesto and pachino gluten free queens!

The gluten free pasta may seem simple to cook, many tell you that it is enough to replace the wheat pasta with the gluten-free one and you’re done. But it does not work exactly like that, the truth is that in the jungle of gluten free pasta available on the market we often choose products that are not of quality.

When cooking gluten free pasta you can incur some surprises. Pasta that does not hold cooking, that stick in the cooking water and have no elasticity, not to mention the taste. The result? A great mess of pasta combined with sauces and recipes that require much more to be savored and appreciated by our taste buds.

After a year and a half of tests, I am now able to show you a nice recipe for gluten free pasta. The pesto and pachino queens, and of course, given the period, even the pesto is homemade with fresh basil.

The first thing to do is to choose pasta, after several attempts I opted for the Dialsi gluten free pasta, made with  corn and rice, without additives, bronze and vegan drawn. The ingredients for the pesto I bought from a local farmer in my region and I followed the classic Genoese recipe that you find on the site Non Sprecare.

Ingredients for 4 people:

320 gr of dialsi gluten free pasta
1 coffee cup of Genoese pesto
8-10 pachino tomatoes
extra virgin olive oil. q.s.
Salt to taste.


Wash the cherry tomatoes and divide them into four. Put them in a pan with three tablespoons of pesto and cook for about 4-5 minutes.

Bring salt water to a boil in a saucepan, add a teaspoon of oil to prevent the pasta from sticking during cooking.

As soon as the water boils immerse the queens without gluten and cook them according to the time indicated in the package.

Drain and sauté the queens together with the cherry tomatoes and pesto for a minute.

Serve and add a few teaspoons of fresh pesto.

I can only wish you good appetite and if this recipe for the gluten free pasta  has satisfied your palate, add it to the first gluten-free dishes of your personal recipe book.


gluten free pasta

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